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Originally Published February 10, 2020.

Why is my Shopify store disconnected from Facebook?

When you want to sell your products on facebook through Shopify, Facebook Shop is created on your Facebook page. This displays all the products you want listed through Facebook. The products must be physical, as the products must require shipping. This is stated in the Facebook sales policy.

If your store becomes disconnected from Facebook, this could be because you’re selling products that are not physical. If this is not the reason, then you could try adding the Facebook channel to your Shopify store again. This can sometimes reset the relationship between Shopify and Facebook.


How to connect your Shopify account to Facebook

  1. Select Online Storefrom your Shopify account
  2. Click Preferences. Next, copy and paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the correct field, then select Save

To enable Facebook checkout, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Log into Shopifyand select +next to the sales channels
  2. Select Learn Morenext to the Facebook channel
  3. Click Add channel
  4. Next, selectFacebookand click Get Started
  5. Click Connect Account

Shopify will need to connect with your business’s Facebook page and Facebook will then need to verify your information. Once verified, you can enable Facebook checkout in your Shopify store. You can select which products you’d like to sell through Facebook by making these available on that channel. This can be managed from the Productssection in your Shopify store.