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Originally Published April 27, 2021.

The best Schema MarkUp / Rich Snippet apps for Shopify

If you run an online Shopify store with a large inventory and want to add schema markup on the product pages, here are a few apps that you can use for this purpose. 

Schema App Total Schema Markup

rich snippet

The Schema App Total Schema Markup app allows you to get more traffic on your website. According to their statistics, stores that have used their app have reported 30% more conversions and clicks. 

When you install the app, your store is automatically optimized for Yahoo, Bing, and Google. All you have to do is install the app, and the search engines will know what kind of products you’re selling, making you more visible. 

The Schema App has two options for Shopify: 

  • Shopify Core: It works with all themes and offers optimizations for everything, including product categories, blog articles, reviews and ratings, and products 
  • Shopify Advanced: It offers all features of the Core plan and a subscription for Schema App Pro. Thus, you can optimize the other content in your store, such as the About Us page, locations, contact us, services, and homepage 

Rich Snippets for SEO


Rich Snippets for SEO is another app that lets search engines add snippets to the search results, making your store more prominent among the competition. When you install the app, it allows the search engines to understand your store’s information better. 

Here are some benefits of using Rich Snippets: 

  • Attractive results
  • Higher rankings
  • Product reviews displayed in search results 
  • Quality results 
  • A potential increment in CTR 

You can also add the FAQs section, and the app will generate snippets for them. Furthermore, the app adds breadcrumb snippets and video snippets to increase your store’s SEO value. Most importantly, Rich Snippets shows the rating stars in Google for the following reviews apps: 

  • Shopify Product Reviews
  • Yotpo
  • Judge. me
  • Loox
  • Trust Reviews
  • Kudobuzz
  • All Reviews
  • Helpful Crowd
  • Growave