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Originally Published November 22, 2021.

The 15 best Trust Badge apps for your Shopify store

Trust badge apps are a great way to boost sales and conversion on your Shopify store by increasing customers’ trust. Running your own ecommerce business keeps you super busy so trying to find the best trust badge apps yourself can be time consuming. We’ve taken it into our hands and done the hard work for you.

We’ve taken into account each app store’s rating, top features and user reviews to curate our 15 best trust badge apps just for you. This should make it easier for you to pick the best trust badge app for your Shopify store.

1. Ping

Ping - Trust Badge apps

Ping is a one of many trust badge apps that helps to convert more of your store traffic through clear and hyper-converting onsite messaging. You can easily display stylish and compact messaging, just like Adidas or Gymshark. Give customers a reason to trust your website and purchase directly from you. The average store converts at 3-4%, which means you’re losing 97% of your traffic. Give first-time buyers a reason to purchase from your store, whilst collecting their email address for future marketing. Read more information about Ping to make it easy for you to install.

2. Trust Hero – Trust Badges

Trust Hero

Trust Hero allows you as a Shopify merchant to improve sales and conversion rates by displaying trust and security badges to your customers. Stop customers from leaving your store before purchasing by displaying free payment and security badges on your product pages.

3. Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges app

Ultimate Trust Badges allows merchants to boost sales on their stores with trust badges. Customers are very quick to dismiss stores they don’t trust, so enhance your website with trust badges to show how secure your site is. You can choose between numerous colours and styles to ensure it fits with your brand.



TRUST helps you to convey key trust elements to your consumers that help to legitimize your store. Trust seals are used to reassure customers that your store is legitimate, secure and trustworthy. There is also the ability to add reviews to your store through this app.

5. Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge lets you drag and drop your trust badges nearly anywhere on your store. Add important information to your product pages to increase conversions. With the premium version, you can unlock over 670 payment badges and add trust badges to your cart page, homepage and footer sitewide.

6. Trust Badge Master

Trust Badge Master app

Trust Badge Master turns unsure visitors into confident buyers on your store. With this app you can reduce your cart abandonment and put trust in your potential customers. Give them a feeling of security and trust when they come to your website.

7. TrustedSite – Trust Badges

TrustedSite trust badge apps

TrustedSite is another choice from trust badge apps on Shopify that will give consumers security and trust when they enter your site. Choose from a suite of certifications that can help alleviate common concerns of online shoppers. It’s a great way to help increase sales and conversion on your store.

8. Badgify – Smart Product Badges

Badgify smart product badges

Badgify enables you to catch your customers’ attention through badges. Use them for sale products, new products, featured products, best sellers or out of stock products. It makes it simple and clear for a customer to see certain products whilst scrolling without having to click on each individual product to find out if it’s on sale, for example. You can select badge designs from the library in the app or even upload your own.

9. Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit

Trustbadge: Reviews toolkit

Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit makes it easy for you to manage your store and product reviews, as well as showing the Trusted Shops trustmark if you have been awarded it. Simply publish reviews to prove the quality and security of your store.

10. Trust Me – Free Trust Badges

Trust Me - Free Trust Badges

Trust Me helps you to build customer trust by informing them of multiple payment methods if your store offers this. You can also drive more sales by establishing trust with your customers and reduce your bounce rate by using trust badges that satisfies and calms consumers coming to your store.

11. FREE Ultimate Trust Badges Pro

FREE ultimate trust badges pro

FREE Ultimate Trust Badges Pro makes your website visitors feel safe and trust your store so they are more likely to make a purchase. Trust badges increase your customers’ trust, which means they’ll shop in confidence. This trust badge app is easy to install and customize for your Shopify store.

12. AVADA Sales pop: Trust Badges

AVADA sales pop trust badges

AVADA Sales pop: Trust Badges app ignites your store to boost sales with trust badges. The trust badge generator allows you to create trust badge certificates, trust badge images or icons that will help with customers’ confidence whilst they shop on your store. It will make them place orders without hesitating over the security of your website.

13. Apollo Trust Badges

Apollo trust badges

Apollo Trust Badges is another way to build trust with your customers and make them feel at ease by seeing trustworthy badges on your store. Reduce your cart abandonment rate and encourage consumers to shop on your store with confidence.

14. Coupo Free Trust Badges

Coupo Free Trust Badge

Coupo Free Trust Badges has been chosen from the trusted badge apps, as it has hundreds of customizable badges to choose from. Boost your conversion rate with trust and security badges to give your customers peace of mind when shopping.

15. Trust Badges Builder

Trust Badges Builder - trust badges apps

Trust Badges Builder use trust badges to let your website visitors know that your website is legitimate and any data they share will be collected through secure third-party service providers. Quickly boost your store’s sales by increasing consumers’ trust on your site. Simply choose your badge style and colour to ensure it matches with your store’s theme and brand.


We hope the selection of the 15 best trust badge apps for Shopify has helped you decide which one is best suited for your store. Trust badge apps are there to help you gain trust when consumers visit your website to purchase.