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How to add affiliate products to my Shopify store

affiliate program

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How to add affiliate products to my Shopify store

If you are part of an affiliate program or brand, you can sell the affiliate products via your Shopify store. For this to happen, you’ll need to get in touch with a brand or business that offers an affiliate program.

The business or brand will send you an affiliate link for the product you’ve agreed to affiliate with. To ensure your affiliate link works, you will need to link the Add to Cart button to the affiliate link. The customer will be directed to the affiliate link’s website, rather than the checkout page on Shopify.

If you are a brand or business that is looking to create their own affiliate program, Shopify offers options for this to happen. Be mindful there is no built-in functionality. You will need to use an app instead.

To make your affiliate program boom on Shopify, here are a couple of useful apps that will help to achieve this.

Apps to grow your affiliate program 

These two apps below can help you boost your affiliate program, therefore increasing your sales.

Goaffpro – Affiliate Marketing

affiliate program

Goaffpro let’s you convert customers into marketers. It uses incentive-driven marketing and gets your customers to advertise your products through word-of-mouth.

If you’re a brand looking for affiliate marketers, this could be a great app for you. Your customers will register on a portal and become your brand partners.

They will receive a referral link, which they will use to promote your brand’s products. This can be done of their social media platforms or blog. For any purchase that is made through their own affiliate link, they will receive commission for bringing in that sale. The commission amount is determined by the brand or business.

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

affiliate program

Affiliatly is an affiliate program app that brands can find affiliate marketers through. It has a 90-day free trial, so you have ample time to determine if it’s suitable for you. 

You can use multiple tracking methods, such as coupon codes, QR codes, link referrals, client’s emails, and product SKUs. 

To sum up, there’s a potential for marketers and brands to partake in affiliate marketing on Shopify. 


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