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Originally Published March 6, 2023.

For many Shopify merchants, the idea of upselling can seem daunting. After all, no one likes to be pushy, and it can be hard to strike the right balance between being helpful and coming on too strong.
The good news is that there are plenty of ways to upsell without being overwhelming or intrusive. In this post, we’ll share 14 of our favorite tips and tricks for upselling in a way that feels natural and easy.

What is upselling?

Upselling is a sales technique used to encourage customers to purchase a higher-end, more expensive version of the product they are already interested in or a product related to what they are interested in. This technique involves suggesting complementary or related products or services that may better meet the customer’s needs or enhance their experience.

We have a great in-depth guide to exactly what upselling is and how it can help your Shopify business here.

14 Methods and tactics to upsell on Shopify

  1. Highlight accessories: Offer additional products or services that complement the lead product. This can encourage customers to purchase multiple items at once and increase the overall order value.
  2. Product Recommendations: Use your Shopify store’s data to suggest related products that customers might be interested in based on their browsing or purchase history. This can help customers discover new products that they may not have otherwise considered.
  3. Upgrade Offers: When a customer selects a product, offer them an upgraded version of that product with additional features or capabilities. This can encourage customers to spend more on a better product.
  4. Loyalty Programs: Create a loyalty program that rewards customers for making additional purchases, such as offering discounts or free gifts for reaching certain spending thresholds.
  5. Add-Ons: Offer customers additional products or services that complement their original purchase, such as warranties, accessories, or installation services.
  6. Limited-Time Offers: Create urgency by offering time-limited deals or discounts that encourage customers to make a purchase before the offer expires.
  7. Personalized Recommendations: Similar to point 2. Use customer data and browsing history to provide personalized product recommendations based on their interests and preferences. This can increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.
  8. Upsell with Social Proof: Highlight customer reviews and testimonials on product pages to showcase the benefits of your products and encourage customers to consider more expensive options.
  9. Upsell with Customization: Offer customers the ability to customize their purchases with premium features or options for an additional fee. This can provide a personalized experience for customers and increase the value of their purchase.
  10. Cross-Sell with Email Marketing: Use email marketing to suggest complementary products to customers based on their purchase history or browsing behavior. This can encourage customers to return to your store and make additional purchases.
  11. Upsell with Financing Options: Offer financing options such as installments or a buy now, pay later program to help customers afford more expensive products. This can help customers purchase products they might not have otherwise been able to afford.
  12. Cross-Sell with Add-to-Cart Pop-Ups: Use pop-ups to suggest additional products to customers as they add items to their cart. This can encourage customers to purchase additional products they may not have considered otherwise.
  13. Upsell with Quantity Discounts: Offer discounts for customers who purchase multiple quantities of the same product. This can encourage customers to buy more products at once and increase the overall order value.
  14. Cross-Sell with Product Comparisons: Use product comparison tables to highlight the benefits of more expensive products and encourage customers to consider upgrading. This can help customers make informed decisions and increase the likelihood of upsells.
If you’re looking for ways to increase sales and achieve long-term success for your Shopify store, then look no further than upselling! By following the tips and tricks outlined in this post, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert at upselling in no time… without sacrificing your relationship with your customers.
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