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Originally Published September 22, 2021.

How to add a HTML tag to the home page in Shopify

Google requires Shopify shop owners to add an HTML tag to their homepage in <head>. You’ll have to add this code in order to get approved by Google. But which template do you have to add the code to? 

Here’s what you need to know about adding an HTML tag to the home page in Shopify. 

What is a HTML tag?

HTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language and is a language for the creation of web pages. Basically, it shows a web page’s structure and contains a series of elements. 

It tells your browser how the content should be displayed on the website. In simple terms, HTML tells the browser what is a link, heading, or paragraph on your web page. 

An HTML tag contains tags for headlines, tables, references, titles, and other elements on your web page. Here’s how a basic HTML tag looks like: 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>


Adding a HTML tag to the home page 

You have to add the code to the theme.liquid file so that it shows on every page of your store. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Online Store. 
  • Select Themes and then Actions. 
  • Go to Edit Codes. 
  • On the top, you’ll see the option for theme.liquid
  • Add it in between <head></head> tags

The method works well with Retina themes, but it’s a standard procedure and should be useful for other themes too. 

If you still struggle to add the tag to your home page, get in touch with the Shopify support team or hire an expert for the job. Alternatively, you can contact the developers of your theme if you’re not using a Shopify theme.