How to easily run a rental business through Shopify

rental business

How to easily run a rental business through Shopify Although there are many support manuals and tutorials for running a Shopify retail store, most newbies are confused about starting a Shopify rental business. Is it even possible?  Yes, it’s possible to run a rental business on Shopify, but you’ll need to use a couple of […]

How to partially refund a customer who forgot to apply a discount in Shopify

partially refund

How to partially refund a customer who forgot to apply a discount in Shopify Every once in a while, you’ll have a customer who purchases an item without using their discount code at checkout. To improve the customer experience and satisfy your customer, you might want to refund discount difference. Let’s see if this is […]

The Complete Shopify Store Launch Checklist

The Complete Shopify Store Launch Checklist for before, during and after opening your store. It is an amazing moment to officially open your Shopify store. Your products are only a few clicks away from being live and more importantly, purchased. But between agreeing on what to sell and opening your store, there are a few steps […]

8+ Best Shopify Quiz Apps for your Store

Best Shopify Quiz Apps for your Store

A Round-Up of the top 8 Quiz Apps for Shopify An easy way to help customers find items, rather than having to browse through a (seemingly) infinite catalog of choices, Shopify quiz apps provide product suggestions through quizzes. Benefits of a Quiz for your Shopify store Increase conversions – If customers can find what they […]

How to Start a Print On Demand Business with Shopify (Step by Step Guide)

How to Start a Print On Demand Business with Shopify In this guide, we are going to provide you a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can launch your very own Print on Demand Business with Shopify. This Guide has been broken down into sections. Each section is fundamental in setting up a Print On Demand business. […]

What to consider when launching and running an online Shopify store

Here’s what to consider when launching and running an online store with Shopify If you’re looking at starting up your own Shopify store, there are some things to consider that’ll help you make the right choices along the way. If you are looking for a Step-by-Step guide on how to setup a store from scratch […]

Shopify Upsell Case Study: 27% increase in Average Order Value

How you can unlock revenue being left on the table by deploying this simple upsell strategy. Our finding’s were conducted on a 10% cross-section of users of SellUp (data was anonymized) When you ask any Shopify merchant what their number 1 goal is, it’s usually the same resonating answer: to make more money. Fortunately for […]

How to remove the 100-variant limit on Shopify

Want to remove the 100-variant limit on Shopify? This guide will go through why it’s there and what your options are. Having more than 100 variants of one of your products in your Shopify store may be stopping you from maximising your sales. Perhaps you just want to know whether there’s a setting that can […]

How to enable multiple discounts at checkout on Shopify

Note: At Shopify Unite 2019, Shopify announced that this will soon be handled natively by Shopify. How to achieve multiple discounts at the Shopify Checkout Discounts are a great way to engage with your customers, so having this feature available on your store will help generate additional sales. For those of you that wish to […]

How to get Instagram Product Tagging for your Shopify Store

Get your products tagged on your Instagram Posts Instagram is a massive channel to market your stores products. Of course, whenever there is a handy feature or tool that a big media company like Facebook (owners of Instagram) are offering, you’d be wise to make use of it. Shopify have a connection to the Instagram […]

Display your store promotions and offers with ease on Shopify

Movo is an app that allows Shopify merchants to showcase their stores offers and promotions in a sleek widget. Having amazing offers in your store to entice shoppers to spend more or make their first purchase is great. Discount codes have long been the king to getting a customer to click that checkout button but […]

How to setup an affiliate program that works

What is an affiliate program? Affiliate marketing is a promotional model that connects merchants with independent marketers who are willing to invest time and money to sell a merchant’s products. Why should I use affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is performance based. Thus advertisers only pay when affiliates deliver a specified customer action. In the ecommerce […]

Add text to the Shopify cart page (Step-by-Step Guide)

A Step-by-Step Guide on how to add text to your Shopify cart page We recently came across a request to add a custom message to the Shopify cart page. This could be important if you want to communicate a message to a customer before they checkout.   Method 1: Edit your Liquid Page (Advanced) You can […]

What is Kartify and how can it improve the Shopify Cart Page?


What is Kartify? Kartify is a Shopify App which allows you to enhance your Shopify store’s cart page. Did you know that on average, the cart page is the 2nd most visited page of any ecommerce website? This is because customers add products to their basket and may often visit this page multiple times in any […]

How to Optimize your Conversion Rate on Shopify

conversion rate optimization

In this guide, we are going to cover a wide variety of methods on how you can optimize your e-commerce store to maximize conversions. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimization or “CRO”. What is a Conversion Rate or CRO? A conversion rate, usually expressed as a percentage, is the success rate of 1 action […]

How to get your Shopify site found on Google

Getting your Shopify site to rank in Google In this post, we will discuss methods that Shopify Store owners can utilise in order to better rank in the Google Search Engine. First off, this isn’t a cheat guide or quick scheme. Google spend a large amount of money and time on their Search Engine so […]