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How to make changes in the Facebook channel to the shipping and return policy

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to make changes in the Facebook channel to the shipping and return policy

When you add the Facebook channel to your Shopify store, you’ll notice the following details under Shipping and Returns. Items will ship within five business days, and the customers can return the unused items within 45 days. 

Typically, when you set up your Facebook channel, these policies are pre-written and have to be followed by merchants. What if you want to change these settings? Does Facebook allow you to do it? Read about it below. 

facebook channel

Facebook shipping and return policy 

Unfortunately, you cannot change the shipping policy in your Facebook channel as it has been set by the platform, and all merchants are obliged to follow it. 

If you create custom orders – things that take a longer time to make and cannot possibly be shipped in five days – you might want to contact Facebook. You can request them to edit the shipping and return terms for your store. 

For this, you’ll have to explain your situation to them, and hopefully, they’ll make an alternative for your store. 

Even after the initial complaints by the merchants, Facebook has not updated its policy to cater to these requests. If you desperately need this change to be a part of the next update, drop Facebook support a message and hope for the best. The more that apply and ask for this change, the quicker it could happen.

Configure return settings in Facebook Commerce Manager 

Although you can’t make changes to the shipping policy, you can tweak the return policy. Follow the steps given below: 

  • In the Commerce Manager, click on Settings 
  • Select Returns 
  • In the Return Policy tab, click on Edit 
  • Here, you can adjust the return window as you like
  • You can also put additional information, such as letting the customers know that the products can only be returned if they still have the tags on 
  • Save the changes 
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