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How to easily add sale badges to product images in the Shopify Debut theme

sale badges

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How to easily add sale badges to product images in the Shopify Debut theme

Have you ever been using a Shopify theme but like particular features from another theme? Many Shopify merchants can put their hands up to this. For example, the Debut theme does not have the ability to apply sales badges to product images, unlike the Pop theme. 

Want to know how you can add sale tags in the Debut theme? Here’s what you can do to incorporate the elements of a different theme into your existing one. 

Shopify support for adding sale badges 

You can add sale badges to the Debut theme through code customization. If you’re using a Shopify supported theme, like Debut, you get an hour of free design time. 

In this duration, you can contact the Shopify support team and request for them to make certain changes, tailored to your preferences. Once you make the request, the support team gives you a status update in 2 to 4 working days. 

However, you must stick to the Shopify design policy. The support team can help you make basic customizations, however, they are unable to do the following: 

  • Implement unsupported tutorials 
  • Modify or remove third-party apps 
  • Customize content that has been added through a rich text editor 
  • Add fonts 
  • Add pop-ups 
  • Edit slideshows, like cropping and sizing 
  • Make changes that may show deceptive information or misleading content to the customers
  • Add hover effects 
  • Add color swatches
  • Change the payment icons’ colors 
  • Edit checkout code (only possible in Shopify Plus)
  • Move features across themes 

If you’re using a third-party theme, you’ll have to get in touch with the theme developer for support. You can also read the support documentation of your theme to find information about adding badges. 

Using an app

You can also use an app to boost your sales by adding product badges. Super Watermarks is a Shopify compatible app that adds theme badges to product images. 

You can choose from more than two thousand templates.

sale badges


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