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How to Efficiently Limit Purchase Quantity On Shopify With 1 App

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How to efficiently limit purchase quantity on Shopify with 1 app

The Order Limits app is the simplest way to restrict purchasing amounts. MinMaxify is a simple-to-use and advanced app that automates the application of restrictions to your cart ordering procedure.

Restrictions may be applied to a whole cart, individual objects, or classes of goods.

It’s simple to determine minimum and maximum product and cart limits for your orders with MinMaxify, from basic to advanced.

Order limits

Limits can be set in the following areas:

  • Cart’s total money worth
  • Total number of items in your shopping cart
  • Number of individual products
  • The number of products available for a particular category
  • Number of objects in a product category
  • A product group’s multiple (ie. 6 bottles in a case)
  • Caps depending on the kind of consumer, such as wholesale
  • Total weight of the items in the shopping cart

The following are not supported by Order Limits – MinMaxify.

  • Caps for a single customer, as well as caps across multiple orders for a single customer
  • Discount coupons

Do you have preset quantity multiples, such as a six-piece prepackaged set? You’re ready to go once you’ve identified products in whatever preset quantity multiples you like.

Its user interface is simple and intuitive, requiring no prior knowledge of coding or even theme management. After downloading MinMaxify, you’ll be able to enter minimum and maximum order quantities, spends and order sizes.

It’s possible that issues with theme compatibility or problems with other third-party applications would need further investigation. Although it has been continually watched for improvements that can cause delays, so if you see anything, please contact MinMaxify directly so that they can make the required adjustments.

You can install it, check out the options, and set your own limits. The 14-day trial period does not begin until your shop’s limits are released.

Uninstalling the app cancels the monthly fee immediately if you plan to cancel at any time.

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