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A list of the 4 Best Shopify Apps for upselling in your Shopify store.

In this post we are going to go through the 4 best Shopify Apps for upselling in your Shopify store. Upselling, if you don’t know, is the practice of offering additional products to a customer in order to increase your average order value. Upselling and Cross-Selling are both activities you should be offering as a Shopify store owner. If you aren’t then you are losing out on easy revenue! Let’s see the apps then.



Free (Pro Plan Available)


SellUp is a new Upsell and Cross-Sell App incorporating the best elements of upsell apps with a low price tag, Free! It offers a unique feature allowing Shopify store owners to add Calls To Actions to the upsells. It is also positioned right under the buy box for great exposure and maximum upsell conversion rate. With SellUp Pro for just $14.99 (Amazing Value), you can unlock unlimited upsells.


Bold Upsell

Upto $89 / Month


This one has been around from the early days of Shopify hence it’s monstrous amount of reviews. Its a great Upsell app that has been improved over time and offers upsells once a customer clicks add to cart. It also offers upsells at the cart stage. Its a bit of complex install but Bold do offer an installation service. The app is priced based on usage.


Exto Upsell & Cross-Sell

Up to $249.99 / Month


Exto Upsell allows you to create upsells based on rules which will determine which upsells and cross-sells show. You can exclude any products from the rules. They also allow you to show a recently viewed block. A nice addition.


SMART Bundle Upsell

$47 / Month


This is all-round good upsell contender. It offers upsells, cross-sells and can incentivise them. It looks to be completely modal based which has its pros and cons. The great selling point is the app allows you to incentivise customers to take the offers.


Upselling and Cross-Selling are powerful revenue generators. If you can upsell to even 10% of your customers, then any of these apps are worth it. Our favourite is SellUp purely because it offers great value. Another favourite is the Smart Bundle Upsell by Smar7 but give them a go for yourself. Most have free trials.

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