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How to create product Add Ons for your Shopify store: 2 Easy Methods

How to create add ons for Shopify

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Creating Add Ons for your Shopify Store using 2 methods.

Product Add ons are a great way to increase offerings surrounding your core products as well as increasing your revenue. Add on’s usually “Add” to the product in some way but you can also have product add ons that may be part of the same brand or theme.

For example, a classic “add on” for a coffee machine would be a pack of coffee filters. This is a product which deeply compensates the lead product and also is a required essential to the lead product. Another form of Add on may be an accessory to a partuclaur outfit. A store could advertise a watch as an add on to a “weekend outfit” for example.

There are 2 common methods for deploying Add ons in Shopify:

  • Adding Variants as “Add Ons”
  • True separate Add Ons


Method 1 – Create variants as “add on bundles”

Directly incorporate the Add ons into your product variants. This works for some use cases where you don’t have many product variables and the add on directly compensates the lead product. If you need to track inventory then this is probably not an idea solution for you as it requires breaking the inventory into multiple variants. But if you are selling an Art Easel for example that comes in one size, you may have a variant that adds brushes and another variant that adds brushes and paint.

Method 2 – Show true add ons separate

Offer Add On products on the product listing but separate from the lead product. This has many benefits over the first method. The instant benefit is your customer can select the lead product they were interested in. They can then select the additional products as they like which can also be presented in a widget make them more sellable. Secondly, there is no inventory cross over. The Add on Products are just standard products in Shopify so they don’t need to be merged into a single product. Finally, this method allows you to offer a “1 to many” scenario.

Product Sets using SellUp

For example, if you had a product that is multi use across your product range (Think picture frames for prints), then you may want to offer the picture frame across all prints. Rather than add picture frame variants to every single print, you could just create an Add on for all Prints.

Create Product Add Ons on Shopify


Method 2 is achievable with an app. Whilst we tend to think of apps as an expense, an Add on app is actually a profit mechanism. If you paid $50 a month for an App that made you $2000 a month, you would want that right!?


Add-on using SellUp-Free Upsell App

You can achieve method 2 easily with an app like SellUp.

With SellUp Build on-page add-ons under the product’s add to cart button. Building strong action add-ons that appear in a high-converting widget or popup when the product’s Add to Cart button is clicked can generate significant returns.

For your Shopify store, SellUp helps us to create bold, precision-based add ons that will complement your product range. On Page Offers are non-intrusive yet are visible enough to showcase your add ons. Action offers are presented after the customer clicks the add to cart button. Both methods work for product Add ons and simply comes down to the merchants preference and use case.

Create Add Ons on Shopify

SellUp inherits the store’s theme settings, making the whole upsell process look smooth, thanks to some amazing in-built settings. Specific upsell elements can also be tweaked here and there. 

SellUp comes with:

·        Build an “Action Offer” that is activated by the Add to Cart button.

·        Allow In Cart Offers

·        Offers after purchase

·        Unlimited Upsells/Cross-sells

·        Variant upsells and One-Click Upsells are possible

·        Upsells and cross-sells based on product pages

·        Flawless integration with a range of design choices

·        On upsells, view a personalized message or call to action.

·        Show/hide cost

Simply grab the SellUp app from the App store. Adaptable to any theme.


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