How to enable address autocomplete on Shopify in 2022 [Quick Guide]

Address Autocompletion on my Shopify store

Want a great tip to help increase successful checkouts? Make sure you have address autocomplete enabled in your Shopify admin. It is a feature built into Shopify that was announced in 2017. It is methods like address autocomplete that can reduce checkout friction and increase conversions. Why should I enable Address Autocompletion? If customers can […]

How to optimize your conversion rate on Shopify: 2022 Guide

How to optimize your conversion rate on Shopify

In this guide (updated for 2022), we are going to cover a wide variety of methods on how you can optimize your e-commerce store to maximize conversions. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimization or “CRO”. What is a Conversion Rate or CRO? A conversion rate, usually expressed as a percentage, is the success rate […]