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Originally Published March 26, 2021.

How to send different confirmation emails based on products ordered on Shopify

Shopify stores are quite diverse and allow you to sell products and services. But what if you want to send beautiful different confirmation emails for each product or service? For instance, let’s say there are three products; A, B, and C. 

Now, you want to send confirmation messages 1 for Product A, 2 for Product B, and 3 for Product C. Is there a way to do that in Shopify, or do you have to use an app?

Can you send different confirmation emails?

You cannot send different confirmation emails from your default Shopify user interface. However, there are some alternative methods that allow you to do this. 


Webhooks are little processes that take place as a result of a certain action. For instance, if your customer places an order for a specific product, the webhook would refer to the sending of a certain email confirmation. 

If you do not know how to use webhooks, you should get in touch with a Shopify expert. 

Email Template Creator App

email template confirmation emails

The Email Template Creator app lets you send out different notifications depending on the product a customer has ordered. You don’t need to learn or do any coding as the handle deals with it. You just have to specify the content of the confirmation email. 

Since there are numerous built-in templates, you can choose something that goes with the design of your brand. 

if statements 

The easiest method would be to have one notification with a few ‘if’ statements. You should use this method if the different confirmation emails do not have drastic changes in them. 

For this, you’ll have to do some liquid code

In this way, you’ll only have one notification, but the customers will see only a piece of certain information, based on which product they have chosen.