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Need more Trustpilot reviews for your Shopify store? Here is a quick guide on how to increase your Trustpilot rating.

If you have ever purchased a product online, chances are you have been asked to review your experience in purchasing that product at some point. Typically, the store will wait around 21-45 days to elapse, provided you have not raised any query regarding your order and it has been received, they will send an email along the lines of “How did we do?”.

The reason for this is simple. Reviews help sell products. People will often read reviews as part of their decision making process as to whether they will buy the product and if they will buy it from your store. Reviews also provide valuable insight and allow merchants to improve their service based on critical feedback.


What types of review platforms are there?

There are 2 main methods to harvesting reviews. Internal and external. Internal methods are primarily where you as the merchant request the review directly and will be the publisher of that review on your store. This is the most popular method and notable platforms are Yotpo,, Loox and Stamped. These reviews will be visible on your store often sitting alongside the product.

The second method is external. Examples of these are platforms like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and so on. These carry a certain level of trust since they are hard to manipulate. As a result, many shoppers will often check out a store they have never purchased from before on these channels.


Benefits of external providers

As mentioned, external providers have many benefits. Merchants should embrace these platforms and attempt to build their reputation on them. In doing so, they can improve their credibility and authority. There will be an SEO gain also.


Getting more Trustpilot reviews for your Shopify store

To build your presence, you can request reviews on these platforms yourself. Much like you would with an internal review platform except you are request the review on an external platform.

You can easily request these reviews for your Shopify store using an app called Lumo. Lumo is free for up-to 50 order request a month. With Lumo, you can request reviews to any external review platform you like including Trustpilot.

The beauty of Lumo is that you can opt for potentially negative reviews to be addressed first without it damaging your online presence. Lumo does this by detecting when a customer may be about to leave a negative review and diverting that customer to a direct contact channel where you get the opportunity to address the issue.

If you are doing more that 50 orders a month, there are great value plans available with unlimited available at just $39.99 a month.