Add 30% to your sales 💰 with upsells!Get App

Get 30% sales increase 💰 with upsells!Get App


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Make payday count.

The average store coverts at 3-4%. That means around 97% of traffic to your store leaves without making a single sale. Merchants are continually looking for ways to convert more of this lost traffic. With Ping, you can do just that. Ping captures potential customer emails who would otherwise leave and brings them back at a later date. Perfect for those window shopping for payday!

Why Ping?

Increase Sales

Bring visitors back and capture the sales at an optimized moment e.g payday

Lead Generating

Whenever visitors use Ping, you are collecting their email address for future sales possibilities.


The app is essentially free... From the increase in conversions, it pays for itself.


Ping is a simple but powerful App to bring you additional revenue whilst you sleep. It's a set and forget app that will capture emails of potential customers and bring them back to your store when it counts.

Ping starts from free. You can view the usage charges here. With the increase in conversions and sales from motivating potential customers to purchase, it will more than likely pay for itself in no time.

You can grab it from the Shopify App Store. 

Check out our knowledge base here.

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Make payday count.