Increase authority leveraging your brands products

If you are a new Shopify store or you have low traffic, you may need to build your brand and it’s authority

What is leveraging your products for authority?  Using your products brands to add authority to your site.

Why? If you run a store which stocks third party brands then adding their logos to your sites content will align your brand with theirs and increase customer authority.

How can I add my products Brands logos to my Shopify store?
This technique only works when you are selling third party brands.

For example, if you are retailing drone accessories then consider adding a slider to your stores homepage, product page or collection pages containing logos of the brands that are compatible with the products. Even better, if you sell brands which are known globally, adding these is an easy win.

Be sure to create a link to the brands page on your site, this is positive for SEO regarding internal links.

Displaying Brand Logos
Lots of popular themes will have this built in already. You can usually add a section, upload logos and link.

If your theme doesn’t, you can manually do it by following this Shopify guide.

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