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59 ideas to start a business on Shopify

Are you thinking of starting your own online Shopify store? Do you already have one but you’re not entirely sure which products are trending? Ecommerce will play an even more important role than normal now since COVID-19 came onto the scene. More people are staying at home and are relying on e-commerce stores to provide them with the products they need.

With this in mind, you might be able to find an untapped market. Whether you’re just starting your store or you already have one, you might find an opportunity to offer a new product that your audience will end up using. You should still look to do research to ensure there is a demand for the product you plan to sell. To succeed, you need in-demand products to sell, skills to market the products and the drive to succeed.


Where do I find the products?

You can create the products or services in the list below if you want to start from scratch. Alternatively, you can drop ship products straight from the suppliers to your customers and keep the profit. You can also use print on demand or “POD” to turn black products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, prints and more into beautiful products to sell. The great benefits of drop shipping and POD is that you only pay for the products once the customer has paid you!

With that in mind, below is a list of 59 ideas to inspire and help you start a business on Shopify.


Short and long term trending products to sell


1. Resistance bands

Resistance bands (exercise bands) have become extremely popular, especially after gyms shut down due to coronavirus. It’s been a growing trend since with more people working out from home. Start a business and utilise a wealth of readily available fitness content.

If you choose to focus on resistance bands, you can look to create a blog, videos and social media content about home workouts. People who interested in fitness and working out from home are more likely to visit your site. As fitness is a large industry, you’ll be able to build your brand around fitness and working out and optimise your product pages so you can rank higher on Google and bring in organic traffic.

Resistance exercise bands


2. Board games

Board games have been increasingly popular. They’re a great way to have fun with family and friends and they never get old. Board games are a fantastic way to relieve stress and spend less time looking at electronic screens. You can definitely see from looking at Google Trends that searches for board games peaks around particular holiday seasons. With people spending more time at home, board games will become a heavily searched item.

Aim at niche markets when selling board games. Family social media groups are a good place to start. You could also look to get featured on blogs or in articles. Board games are associated more with families, although the adult board game scene is something that is up and coming.


3. Posture corrector

Since working from home is becoming more popular, having a good posture is important to living a comfortable life. Posture correctors have been designed to limit the motion in your spine to stop issues occurring.

There has been a sudden rise is posture correctors over the last couple of years. There is so much more information around living a healthy lifestyle and ensuring you look after your body, and posture correctors help with this. Start a business in posture correction and you will also be helping a great cause.


4. Robot vacuum

Smart home accessories are becoming increasingly popular. Robot vacuums are great because they clean your house for you. You just have to set them up and away they go. It means you don’t have to worry about getting out a heavy vacuum and doing it yourself.

Robot vacuums are easy to market. With such a large monthly search, it means it’s a growing industry. You could try running Google ads with terms such as ‘robot vacuum’ so get customers to purchase from your site. Using video ads of the product in use is another great way to promote the product.


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5. Electric scooters

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in towns and cities around the world. They present people with an easy and quick way to get around and aren’t overly costly.

The search term for an electric scooter has increased since 2018. With the world turning to electric transport, electric scooters have become the chosen form for many. They’re easily marketable and serving ads to the right audience should get you a good return. Start an electric scooter business today and tap into a growing industry.


6. Ring lights

Ring lights have gained popularity with digital influencers. These ring lights allow their videos and selfies to be clearer and brighter, achieving them a professional outcome.

From the end of 2017, ring lights really took off and became extremely popular. Recently, the search for them has slightly dropped, but there’s still a demand for them. With more people also working from home and starting their own influencer businesses, the need for ring lights will still exist.

Influencer ring light


7. Dog bowls

The pet industry is huge and is constantly growing. With more and more people getting pets, it’s a no brainer why dog bowls is a highly searched term.

A dog bowl is an item a dog owner can’t live without. There will always be a need for them. Consumers are now turning to unique stores to purchase their dog’s accessories, so they are different from the mass market. Specialising in unique dog bowls could get you your own special niche in the pet market.


8. Water bottles

With sustainability being at the forefront of most topics, reusable water bottles are becoming a popular product to sell. Everyone has been told about climate change and the plastic in our oceans. Reusable water bottles ensure we are not buying plastic for the sake of it.

There’s been a steady rise in water bottle search terms. You could focus on changing the mindset of many people to purchase reusable water bottles, as the plastic waste from normal shop-bought water bottles is huge. Sustainability is becoming increasingly popular to talk about also.


9. Waffle makers

Waffle makers allow you to make the most delicious tasting waffles from within your own home. It’s a great cooking device that is effective and simple to use.

Waffle makers are most popular during the winter months and the search term results conclude this. 2020 has shown a different pattern in search results, meaning that the number of consumers after a waffle maker is on the rise.


10. Yoga mats

Yoga mats have been selling well over the past 10 years. There is rising popularity with yoga and the health benefits, which is reflected in the search term results.

There is a new search interest for terms around eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mats. This is because of ways we’re trying to save the planet and help with sustainability. Yoga lovers tend to opt for light and natural light trends with an organic feel. It helps to portray that ‘ethical’ and ‘relaxing’ feelings.


11. Spin mop

Start a business selling Spin mops. Spin mops are the new cleaning tool. A spin mop is a floor cleaning tool that spins away the dirty water. You put the mop in the bucket and press down to create a spin move, which in turn spins out all the dirty water. It’s a great addition to most households that want easy cleaning.

There has been a significant increase in search terms for spin mops. With more people staying at home, the need for these has become higher. Spin mops are easy to market and can appeal to many audiences.


12. Car vacuum

A car vacuum is great because it’s a small hand-held cleaning device that is useful for getting in the small places in your car where dirt can easily collect.

The trend for car vacuum search terms has increased over the past five years. Consumers have found this device really handy to own and use. Because of the upwards curve, it would be a great time to sell these on your store.


13. Light blocking glasses

Light blocking glasses have been created to reduce the effect of blue light waves on the eyes. For people that work at computers all day or use other electronic equipment and screens would benefit from these glasses. They are great at night time, as the glasses absorb the blue light, making it easier for people to look at screens in the dark.

The upwards trend shows there is a demand for these light blocking glasses. With more people working from home, these could be a great seller for your store.


14. Portable blender

Portable blenders are great for those people that are always on the go. They enable consumers to whip up smoothies super quickly. They are battery operated and reasonable to purchase.

The upwards trend curve shows the ever-increasing popularity of portable blenders. Easily targetable audiences will enable you to make quick sales too.


15. Rugs

Similar to other home décor trending products, there has been an increase in consumers purchasing rugs. This could be due to the recent work from home trend that has taken the world by storm. Rugs bring together all elements of a room and make it comfortable and cosy.

Rugs come in different types and styles, which gives you a large variety to sell. You can look at promoting your rug products on popular home décor blogs. Reaching out to the blog owners is a great way to start traction and ask them kindly if they’ll link back to the products on your store. Product reviews would also benefit your products, as many consumers would want to see reviews of rugs for their quality and comfort.



16. Laptop tables

Laptop tables have become extremely popular as more people work from home. They ensure that employees have the right work setup in their home.

The large search term spike shows the demand for laptop tables, and this is more than likely going to continue as more businesses let their employees work from home. It’s one of the most popular products to sell online now.


17. Kitchen furniture

There’s been a growing trend in search terms for kitchen furniture. With people spending more time at home, they want to make their living spaces a little nicer and welcoming.

Kitchens are becoming one of the main rooms in a household where the majority of families now spend their time. It’s a great way for all family members to congregate, cook and spend time together.


18. Drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the photography industry. Drones allow photographers to take images and videos from a birds-eye perspective.

Drones create amazing photography and videos. They ensure that videos are smooth and high quality. The shots you achieve with drone cameras are incredible. Drones are more on the pricey side of products but still have a good, niche market.


19. Baby bibs

With parents wanting to keep their babies clean all the time, bibs are helping them do this. Parents are also wanting their babies to be different from others, so having a large range of patterns would be great. Start a business selling baby accessories like bibs and you can even offer customised items with popular print on demand apps.

Finding your target audience for baby bibs should be relatively simple, as many mothers use social media and spend their time with their baby or browsing the internet.


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20. Pet carriers

Pet carriers are now very popular in the pet industry. It enables pet owners to transport their pets around easily, especially when they have puppies or kittens that are not able to go on walks outside until they’ve had their vaccinations.

As there’s a rise in people getting pets, the rise in pet carriers will follow. There are already pet carrier brands on the market, but if you can create your own individual and sassy brand, pet owners will love it.


21. Peel-off face masks

The beauty industry is huge, so selling a product within it is a great choice. Peel-off face masks are becoming popular, as skincare begins to become important in most people’s beauty regime.

The best place to get customers is visual platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. They’re great ways for consumers to actually see the products in use and what people think of them.


22. Dog brushes

Dog brushes are necessary for dog owners to groom their pets. Start a business with a pet theme and target pet owners. As pets are becoming more popular due to the working from home change, more consumers will need dog brushes.

The sooner you start selling dog brushes, the better. As they’re a hot topic, you better act quick. It should be easy for you to target animal lovers and pet owners too.


23. Protein powder

With a large amount of the population working out, protein powder is a great product to sell. Start a business which targets gym-goers and those that workout from home as they are always looking for a great protein powder to help bulk their muscles.

With so many more people focusing on getting healthy and fit, selling protein powder could never be easier. There are so many audiences you could target from the likes of those that love Gym Shark and


24. Eyebrow razor

Eyebrow razors help to remove eyebrow hair, as well as other hair on your face. We’ve seen a huge increase in eyebrow razor purchases at the beginning of this year when salons shut. Consumers now know they keep their eyebrows in shape themselves at a cheaper cost.

Eyebrow razors are a worldwide trend and targeting consumers should be easy. You’d also be able to upsell and cross-sell other products alongside the eyebrow razor.


25. Phone tripod

With selfies being so popular, there are so many consumers that would purchase a phone tripod. They’re such useful tools for holding your phone in place and steady when trying to take a photo.

The influencer market would be the perfect audience to target, as influencers are always looking to get the best photo.


26. Car phone holder

Car phone holders are a great accessory to have in your car to hold your phone. If you don’t have a sat-nav in your car, a phone holder is a great way to have your phone on show if you’re using sat nav to get to a destination.

Using sat nav in cars is becoming the normal thing to do but it’s not always easy to find a spot for your phone when you’re trying to navigate where you’re going. Car phone holders allow you to do this, and that’s why there’s been an increase in purchases over the last few years.

Car phone holder


27. Nail polish

Nail polish is extremely popular in younger generations. They are experimenting with nail design trends and there is now a large demand for nail polishes. There are so many variants of nail polish, so you shouldn’t have any problem with selling them.

Marketing nail polish is easy. You just need to use social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many influencers you can collaborate with that would help spread the word about your designs.


28. Home security cameras

Home security is a huge market and a great industry to start a business in. Home security cameras are now more popular than ever. With smart homes becoming the new normal, home security cameras fit into this. People want to feel super secure in their homes.

The rise for home security cameras will continue over the next few years. More and more households are installing these cameras to protect their homes. With smart technology, many of the cameras are linked to apps so you can view your camera from your phone if you’re away from your house.


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29. Dog collars

Dog collars are a necessity for dog owners. All dogs need a dog collar, and they’re a great product to sell where you can create fun and unusual designs.

There’s been a significant increase in people purchasing dog collars, as more people bought dogs due to the coronavirus lockdown. Targeting an audience for dog collars would be simple too.


30. Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers have become popular among fitness enthusiasts. Those that love to workout are likely to own a fitness tracker.

As you can see from the trends above, fitness tracker search terms peak at the beginning of each year when people want a new and healthy start to the year. This follows a similar pattern of gym memberships, which also peak at the beginning of the year. You could target people that are interested in going to the gym and love fitness workouts.

Fitness tracker


31. Kayak accessories

You could start a business selling Kayak related accessories. Why? Kayak accessories are becoming increasingly popular, as more people are taking up water sports. These accessories include tail blowers, seats and paddles, all to make a kayak trip safer and more enjoyable.

Kayak accessories tend to be more popular during the summer months, but there is a want for these all year round. Running a shop that includes kayak accessories is simple and there would be many ways to market the products.


32. Touchscreen gloves

During winter, do your hands so cold that you find it hard to use your smartphone? Introducing touchscreen gloves. These are gloves that are great for the winter months. They have anti-slip technology that means you can use your touchscreen without having to take them off.

As you can see, there is an uplift in the need for touchscreen gloves during the winter months, but this doesn’t mean you are only limited to these months. Worldwide distribution will allow you to generate sales all year round, as the seasons differ from country to country.


33. Headscarves

Headscarves have become a staple garment for young women to wear and are more popular than ever to start a business selling them online. They are the new fashion statement item that complete outfit looks and are very popular.

Selling headscarves should be simple, as you would just need an easy to purchase e-commerce site. There are many designs and fabrics that differentiate the scarves and make them unique, giving consumers a reason to buy.


34. Smart water purifier

Water purifiers are extremely popular and have a large number of searches per month. Having a smart home is starting to become normality and a smart water purifier fits this build. They have a high filtration and are cost-effective in getting purified water.

There is an upward trend for smart water purifiers. Marketing these products should be simple; running Google ads with key search terms such as ‘water purifier’ will get you sales.


35. Golf shoes

Golf has become a very popular sport. There is an increasing demand for golf accessories, especially golf shoes.

Targeting men on Facebook would be a good start if you set up a golf shoe online store. There are certain countries and areas that you can target where golf is more popular.

Man playing golf


36. Seat cushions

As more people work from home, making your desk setup at home has become very important. Seat cushions for office chairs have become popular to offer more comfort when working at your desk.

The search for seat cushions shows a global trend, so getting sales on your site should be simple. You’ll be able to target these products globally, as people are working from home all over the world.


37. Blankets

Blankets are the perfect product to sell online if you’re looking for a high-profit margin. Consumers are now spending more money on making their homes comfortable and warming to live in during colder seasons.

There is a noticeable upwards trend for blanket search terms. The peaks are definitely during the winter months, but many consumers will use blankets all year round to keep their living space looking cosy and modern.


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38. Wireless phone charger

Start a business selling wireless phone chargers and accessories. Wireless phone chargers allow consumers to charge their phones without having to plug them in. The phones sit on a round platform and charge wirelessly.

Consumers no longer have to worry about finding their chargers to charge their phone. They can just pop it on their wireless charger.


39. Dog beds

Dog beds are very popular. More people are getting dogs, so dog beds are a necessity. There so many different shapes, sizes and designs.

Data shows the upwards trend of dog beds and the number of times they are searched for. It’s a market that is already quite full, but if you create a design that hasn’t been done yet, you’re bound to make sales.


40. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic way of keeping entertained. A product that is more popular around holidays, creating an online store to sell puzzles is simple.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep children entertained and is a product in which you can start and come back to. It’s not something that has to be finished there and then. They are durable and easy to ship.


41. Face masks

Start a business on face masks and protective equipment. With COVID-19 taking over 2020, face masks have become the new normal globally. They can’t be sold quick enough, so if you hit it right, you’d make many sales.

Face masks will be around for the foreseeable future. If you can create a new design or style, you shouldn’t have a problem selling them.

Woman wearing face mask


42. Inflatable pet collars

Inflatable pet collars are a great alternative to cones. They fit snuggly around your dog’s neck. They are becoming popular and many dog owners prefer to use these instead of cones.

Inflatable dog collars have been designed to prevent your dog from biting or licking wounds after surgery or when they are injured. It’s a market that’s increasing and there’s becoming a need for these products.


43. Hiking backpacks

A necessary item that you’ll need for hiking. Hiking backpacks have become popular as more people begin to find interest in outdoor activities.

There is a large search volume per month for hiking backpacks, and the market is becoming bigger. As 2020 put a stop to travel, people were forced to seek adventure within their own countries, which lead to more taking up hiking. It’s an easily marketable product where you can focus on males and females in a certain age group from particular countries. Once you’ve done the research on who to target, the product should sell itself.


44. Portable solar panels

Portable solar panels are a great way to charge and power small devices, such as phones and laptops. They are a great item to take travelling, as they’re small and compact.

As we move to a more sustainable living way, portable solar panels play a great part in this change. Being able to charge and power small devices using light from the sun, the use of solar panels means we don’t have to use electricity, making our planet greener. Marketing portable solar panels should be simple, as you can look to target those who live a sustainable life and enjoy travelling.


45. Laptop skins

Laptop skins have their moment with popularity. Starting a business selling these products can drive large profits whilst the trend is hot.

The search for laptop skins is at an all-time high. It’s a term that gets searched highly every month. Finding a target market will depend on the design of laptop skins. Once this is defined, you can use Facebook ads to target this audience.


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46. Luggage/holdalls

Travelling luggage and holdalls are popular among the younger generations. It’s all about having the best brand and best-designed luggage case or holdall.

Although over the past 12 months there’s been a decrease in consumers searching for holdalls, this will start to increase as people get back to travelling. A new brand on the scene would give consumers a reason to start buying again.


47. Home office desks

Home office desks are a new popular product on the scene. Since people have been forced to work from home, more are needing the office equipment to make their workspace better.

Working from home will start to become normal with many businesses letting their employees work part-time at home and the other half from the office. Having a desk at home is important for many consumers.


48. Gym shorts

More people are getting into fitness, which means sales in gym wear has increased. Gym shorts, especially for women, have become extremely popular.

The trend for gym shorts is showing a great rise. Selling gym shorts will make you sales, plus they’re made to provide comfort and flexibility whilst working out.

Gym shorts


49. Athletic masks

Athletic masks are designed with two layers and a filter. This is a great product to start a business with and sell on Shopify, as the trend has increased quickly.

The spike in search terms for this product is dramatic. Although the search volume is starting to drop off, athletic masks will still be needed for the foreseeable future. It’s a fantastic product to buy and sell.


50. Activewear

Start a Business on Shopify selling Activewear. Activewear is any fitness clothing including t-shirts, shorts, leggings and shoes. More people are getting into fitness and enjoy working out and they are always looking for the next cool sports brand.

As there is more mention of living a healthy lifestyle, more people are looking to work out and eating better. Women are a great target audience for activewear, as they always love a new and cool brand on the market. Women are also easy to market to through Facebook and Instagram.


51. Smart pet toys

Smart pet toys are a great way to keep your pet entertained. It might be worth setting your store to sell smart pet toys, as we’re only just at the beginning.

The upward spike shows have this niche will sort after over the next few months. Smart pet toys can be advertised on Facebook and Instagram and you can use popular pet pages to share your brand. These are better than using influencers, as they can be expensive when you’re starting out.


52. Multifunction bottle opener

The multifunctional bottle opener gets tens of thousands of monthly searches per month, making it a popular product to sell.

The demand for a standard bottle opener has dropped in the past couple of years. That’s because more people are opting for a new smart and multifunctional bottle opener. You could create great videos that show how it works.


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53. Silicone cooking utensils

Silicone cooking utensils have become more popular because they’re high-heat resistant, stain-resistant and safe to use. They don’t heat up when using which is a great feature.

It’s quite a niche market so you could easily produce a product that many consumers would happily purchase. to generate sales and visits to your website, focus on running Google Ads to targeted areas. Focus on homeowners who enjoy cooking. You could try and get your products mentioned on a popular cooking blog.


54. Reusable silicone lids

Reusable silicone lids have been a huge trend. They are better for the environment than using plastic bags or clingfilm. They are available in many sizes also.

Having a variety of sizes and colours of reusable silicone lids is a great selling point for consumers. The term gets a considerable number of searches per month, as it becomes more popular. They also help with making us live a sustainable life and reduce our carbon footprint.

Silicone lids


55. Women’s shapewear

Women want to feel comfortable with themselves. They often opt for shapewear to create a slimmer figure. Shapewear is worn underneath clothing to make your appearance thinner.

The search for ‘shapewear’ has been increasing over the past couple of years. Targeting is simple, as you only need to target women. You can focus on new mothers, as they’re more likely to feel self-conscious about their figures after just giving birth.


56. Women’s animal printed socks

Pets and women’s fashion are two of the most popular niches to sell to. Combine these and you’ve got the answer. Animal socks get a reasonable amount of searches each month to make a business that focuses solely on this.

Animal socks can be best marketed on Instagram. You can also see from the data above the best times to market more, which is during the winter months. You can base targeting on women’s interests and their favourite animal.


57. Oversized sweatshirts

Oversized clothing for women is becoming increasingly popular. It’s comfortable wearing items that are less fitted, and fashion has allowed for this new trend.

Selling oversized sweatshirts in numerous sizes, colours and patterns will open up your target audience. You can create ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract them to your site. Some countries will benefit more from this type of clothing. A country that has a summer pretty much all year long won’t have the need for sweatshirts.


58. Men’s joggers

Joggers are a key addition to most men’s wardrobes. Joggers have been getting more popular, as they can now be worn outside as a key fashion item.

The data shows the upwards trend of men’s joggers. It’s a term that is searched highly each month and is gradually increasing. Creating a cool men’s jogger brand would generate sales easily.


59. Orthopaedic pillows

These have become one of the bestselling items. Orthopaedic pillows have been created to give you a better night’s sleep by making you more comfortable.

Although the trend above shows ups and downs, it’s a term that’s searched a lot per month. You can try running Google Shopping Ads to market this product and use keywords in your adverts. Video content would also work very well and show the product in action.

Orthopaedic pillow



Shopify is user-friendly, has great themes, isn’t afraid of change and provides excellent support to entrepreneurs. If you have an idea for a business, sign up for Shopify today and get started on your dream. With 59 ideas in this blog post, you should be able to start making money in no time! Thanks for reading and good luck with your new Shopify business.

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