How to Exclude Certain Products from Discounts on Shopify

How to Exclude Certain Products from Discounts on Shopify

Being an ecommerce business, you keep announcing sales promotions and discounts to provide the best deals to customers from time to time. Integrating the sales promotions and discounts in your online store is easy and simple if you are applying the promotion on all the listed products; however, it becomes complicated if you offer discounts only on selected or few items.  Hence, if your customers have a combination of discounted and not discounted items in the cart, the discount coupon will not work on the order as the cart is holding something not eligible for discount. In this article, we will talk about this problem and the ways to exclude certain products from discounts on Shopify.  

It is to be noted that Shopify currently doesn’t offer any feature that can exclude products from the Discount Codes; however, based on the collection approach, you can apply discount codes to specific products. 

There are numerous ways to exclude products from the discounts in Shopify. The key filter options with discounts you have are the following: 

  • All Products
  • Specific Collections
  • Specific Products

By using the above-mentioned options, you can exclude the products. The Specific Collections filter is more useful as collections are easy to deal with.

Excluding Using Collections

If you are aware of the title of the product or products to exclude, you can make a collection that includes all the products except those that contain a specific word in their title.

  • Go to Products 
  • Go to Collections in your Shopify admin 
  • Create Automated Collection

The collection takes some minutes to update. After it’s done, all the products in-store except the ones you excluded, will be shown in the collection. 

Using the “is not equal to” or “does not contain” is very helpful to create collections that exclude specific products. Besides Product Title, other conditions can also be used to exclude products:

  • Product Type
  • Product Vendor
  • Product Price
  • Product Tag
  • Compare at price
  • Weight
  • Inventory Stock
  • Variant’s Title

Now it’s easy to use this newly developed collection at discounts.

Discounts for just Specific Collections

Go to your created discount code or automated discount where you need to exclude products.

Ensure that this discount code or an automated discount just applies to specific collections and choose the collection you just created. Save the discount and you’re done.

When running your sale campaign now, your chosen products would automatically be excluded from a collection. The “Not-on-sale “collection you created before cannot be further discounted with Discount Codes.

After the sale ends, the tag “not-on-sale” will be automatically added to the collection again and Discount Codes will be applied to those products.

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