How to Easily See What Customers Are Adding to Their Carts

How to Easily See What Customers Are Adding to Their Carts

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How to easily see what customers are adding to their carts

Sometimes, customers add products to their carts but abandon them, not finishing their purchases. As a store owner, you can leverage this information to advertise these products better on your social media pages so that the customers finalise their purchases. 

Is it possible to see what your customers are adding to their carts on Shopify? We discuss this in detail below. 

How to see customers abandoned products

You can check the abandoned checkouts on your store by going to the orders page. Alternatively, you can use this link to find the abandoned products: 


However, this doesn’t show you all products that have been added to carts by customers and later abandoned. Let’s break down the Shopify checkout process to explain this in detail. 

  • Add to Cart: In this step, the customer adds a product to their cart. At this point, they haven’t added their information, nor have they paid for the product. If they abandon the cart at this step, you won’t see the products through the aforementioned method. 
  • Checkout: After selecting a shipping method, the customer clicks on Checkout Now. A customer will only show on your abandoned checkout page if they click ‘Continue to Next Step’ in this step of the purchase. If they don’t, you won’t see these products either. 
  • Purchased: In this step, the customer buys the product. You’ll see the products on the Orders Page. 

Using an App

Since Shopify’s built-in method has some shortcomings, you can use an app instead. StoreView lets you track a customer’s whole journey through your store. Here are the things you can check: 

  • Checkouts
  • Page visits
  • Cart changes 

Plus, you’ll get daily reports of the activities customers are doing in your store. You can analyse customer behaviour by studying the funnel graph that’s sent to your inbox daily.


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