How to manage exchanges in your Shopify store

To easily manage any exchanges in your Shopify store, you can use the POS app. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to download this from the Shopify App store. Without this, there is no simple way to manage exchanges.

You can still offer refunds without the app, but exchanges are slightly more complex.


Exchanging an item using POS

  1. Install the POS app from the Shopify App store
  2. When you’re logged in, select Orders
  3. Select the order where the exchange needs to happen
  4. Find the New Productssection and tap Add products for exchange
  5. Select the new product that you want to exchange for the returned product
  6. Select Done

If the price of the new product is greater than that of the returned product, select Collectto select a payment method to collect the remaining balance. If the price of the new product is less, select Refundand process the payment.

Using the POS app means that you cannot offer exchanges directly and legitimately through your online store. You have to use this app to action any exchanges.


Other app options

An app called Exchange It has recently been released in the Shopify App store. This could be another alternative to the POS app.

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