How best to handle exchanges on my Shopify store in 3 ways

How best to handle exchanges on my Shopify store in 3 ways

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How best to handle exchanges on my Shopify store in 3 ways

There has been a steep incline in online businesses over the past few years. And during this pandemic, it’s increased even more. People are making millions of sales worldwide. Similarly, Shopify stores are excelling in this race and customer service is just one of the many aspects where Shopify stores leave the competition behind.

Additionally, part of the effective management of customer’s queries is to cater to their feedback. In simple words, people want practical solutions when they want to return or exchange a purchased item.

Therefore, handling exchanges is pivotal for the overall reputation and customer retention rate of the store. Contrary to public opinion, it is not as complex!

Handling exchanges is not as complicated as you think

Although many vendors believe that returns and exchanges are nothing but a strenuous task, this is not the case.

Handling exchanges provide the sellers with the opportunity to satisfy their customers better and offer them individual attention. Here are three methods by which you can manage exchanges with ease.

Three distinct ways to go about customers who want to exchange products

Issuing gift cards


Shopify stores have access to customizable gift cards worth variable amounts of money. They are convenient, and operating them is reasonably straightforward. Managing exchanges has been tough during this pandemic. Gift cards solve the problem with NO human interaction.

Download the POS application and use the exchange section

The POS application has changed the game when it comes to Shopify stores. It allows you to create a flawless user interface through which the customers can easily follow the measures to exchange any good.

Offer store credit

Store credit works similar to gift cards. Instead of physically providing the customers with a particular product as a replacement, you can refund them the money as store credit. Then the customer can make a new purchase from the store-credit without any hassle.

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