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Originally Published September 28, 2022.

Looking to create a simple way to drastically increase your revenue? One check upsells are your answer.

What are One Check Upsells?

A One Check Upsell is an upsell method developed for Shopify by the SellUp* app. Offer products are shown alongside the main product which are likely to appeal to the shopper. Once checked, they are automatically added to the basket when the customer adds the main product. They are essentially add on products and can boost your average order value significantly.

Try One Check Upsells out below…

*SellUp launched in 2019 and has progressed into one of the largest upsell apps for Shopify. One Check Upsells are just one of the many pioneering upsell methods found within the app.


Examples of One Check Upsells

One Check Upsells should be somewhat frictionless to the customer. They should compliment the lead product and not detract from the sale.

Examples are:

  • Lead Product Accessories
  • Warranty add on
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Priority Processing
  • Melting Insurance


Quick Case Study

The last one is interesting. You might be thinking, what is melting insurance? A company called Tabs sells unique chocolate products with a twist. Given the nature of the product and the countries they ship to, they found a unique add on they could introduce. It proved very successful with a 70% take rate. Initially they would refund/resend any melted chocolate free of charge but with this simple add on, they can add effortless revenue to their store.

You can apply the same tactics to your store based on the products you retail. Additionally, if you can’t implement any unique methods like the above, you can easily implement “Priority Order Processing” for example.


How to create One Check Upsells

Thanks to the SellUp Shopify app, you can create One Check Upsells in under 60 seconds.

If you don’t have SellUp installed, head over to the Shopify App Store. Once you have it, come back and continue below.

  • The first step is to create an On Page offer. Give it an internal title.



  • Next, we select our Trigger Product or collection. This is the main product where our One Check Upsells will appear on.



  • Then we are going to select the Checkbox method.



  • Now we need to select the Offer Products. These are the products that we want to offer as One Check Upsells. Select existing products from your catalog. If you plan on offering services like “Priority Order Processing”, simply create a new product in your admin, set a price of say $2.95 and use that as the offer product. (make sure you turn off inventory management for this product).



Tip: You can change the product titles to call to actions. Instead off 10X ACME Coffee filters, you could change it to “Fancy some extra coffee filters?”.



  • Finally, click save. Now head over to the product on your storefront and check out your new shiny One Check Upsells. 🎉



The power of One Check Upsells

Imagine having One Check Upsells displayed on most of your products. That could equate to a lot of additional revenue you are otherwise leaving on the table.

You can use One Check Upsells with any products in your store. What One Check Upsells will you create?