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8 of the very best and free Shopify themes to use in your Shopify store for 2020

Are you looking for the perfect theme to kick-start your Shopify store in 2020? Perhaps you want to refresh your store but don’t have the capital to shell out for an expensive premium theme. Well, you are in luck. There are some excellent themes out there and they don’t cost anything.

So, lets get to it!


1. Debutify – Made By Debutify

This is a great all-round theme and is built solidly. It has a great feature set and loads fast.

2.  Narrative – Made by Shopify

A fantastic theme directly from Shopify. Comes with 3 styles and can be test driven direct from the theme store.


3.  Debut – Made by Shopify

Another great theme directly from Shopify. Comes with 2 styles and can also be test driven direct from the theme store.


4.  Sports Store – Made by Template Monster

A lovely offering from Template Monster. Great for a marketplace style Shopify store.

5.  Focus – Made by Shopy

A slick free theme from Shopy Themes. Great for a small catalog of items.

6.  Annabelle – Made by Space Squirrel

A nice free theme from Space Squirrel. Great for a starter store with some great features.


7.  Minimal – Made by Shopify

A popular free theme from Shopify with 3 styles included. Great for any store.

8.  Ss Remos – Made by Smart Addons

A nice freebie from Smart Addons. Great for a large catalog store with some great features.



There are some brilliant free themes available for Shopify. Our personal favourite is Debutify. It’s a theme which grows with your store and you can access some brilliant paid features when you need them.

Most themes are very customisable and you can also easily extend or modify them with a bit of know how.


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