The virtual one. Go on, give it a press.

The Shopify "Cha Ching" sound is great but do you want to experience the real thing?

Get the real thing when you run a business using Shopify. With the Shopify app, you can run your business on the go and get notified when you make a sale with that awesome notification sound.

What is the "Cha Ching" button?

The “Cha Ching” or “Kaching” button is a real life push button Shopify created for one of their limited supply drops. We were unfortunate to miss out 😞. Undeterred and of course being huge fans of Shopify, we created a virtual and immortalised version.

Ok but I still don’t get the button…

Ah, you must be new to Shopify then. The button plays the sound you hear when you make a sale. You can download the Shopify app to your phone to manage your business on the go. Every time you make a sale, if you have push notifications enabled then you get a glorious sound played (provided you aren’t on silent mode).

What sound is it?

The sound is reminiscent of old style cash registers. When a sale was made, cash would exchange hands which required the drawer of the cash register to open. The “Cha Ching” sound was a primitive security measure to alert the Shop owner the drawer was opening should they not be in control of the cash register at the time.