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How to simply update product pricing via CSV in Shopify

update product pricing

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to simply update product pricing via CSV in Shopify

If you’re running a small Shopify store, updating the product pricing manually should not be much of a hassle. However, if you have thousands of products in your store, you may want to use an automated method. 

At the moment, it’s not conveniently possible to do this with Shopify’s native functionality. Rather, you can use certain apps to update product pricing in your store. 

Using apps to update product pricing in Shopify 

Here are some useful apps for updating product pricing. 


The app lets you import and export data in bulk in Shopify. Besides product pricing. You can also update discounts, collections, customers, orders, draft orders, blog posts, and pages. 

Besides CSV and Excel, you can also export or import data through Google sheets. It helps you in copying your data from one store to another or creating a backup for your existing store. 

Moose Sync

Moose Sync is another app that allows you to import products from different suppliers using CSV files. Here are some features of this app: 

  • It lets you update product information using Dropbox links and Google drive. 
  • The setup process is pretty simple, taking only a few seconds. 
  • You can have multiple supplier files for a single store 
  • The app lets you import inventory feeds in different languages

Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Edit

The app lets you select CSV format and choose column names according to your preference. You can save export sets as per the platforms, such as Facebook or Amazon. 

Since you can see the products and their variants on one screen, it’s convenient to filter, search, or alter the data. Some other features of the app include: 

  • Addition and deletion of product variants 
  • Fast product import and export 
  • Tool for meta field editing 
  • Export in CSV or XLSX format 

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