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(Originally Published June 17, 2021.)

The best way to apply automatic discounts to tagged customers in Shopify

One of the most effective ways for your customers to become members is to offer them discounts. But how do you tag certain customers so that the discounts are only available for them? Is it even possible? Here are a few ways to incentivize your members with discounts. 

Why are tagged customers important to your store?

The easiest way to do this would be to simply give discount codes to the customers. However, it’s likely for them to forget the discount codes and be frustrated later for not being able to use their discount. 

Plus, the code might be passed on to a non-member who may use it for getting a certain percentage off on an item. 

Does Shopify let you tag customers?

Currently, Shopify doesn’t have a feature for you to give discounts to certain tagged customers. The platform only offers automatic discounts that are limited to certain products. 

For instance, you can select the percentage of discount on Product X.

Whenever a customer buys it, they will get a Y% discount. You can only use one automatic discount at a time since it precedes your standard discount codes. Customers cannot use any other discount codes if the automatic discount has been applied to a product. 

Using apps 

Instead, there are a few apps you can use to tag certain customers. 

  • Automatic Discount & Gift: The app lets you apply discounts by tagging customers or setting rules, such as $ amount, past orders, or quantity of products. 
  • Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale: The app lets you offer wholesale prices on certain products or set automated rules. You can also tag certain customers and upgrade them to the next level, depending on the amount they spend. 

SELLY ‑ Promotion & Pricing: With SELLY, you can offer incentives to specific customers, like 20% off their orders, free shipping, or a gift item. Plus, you can give your customers a coupon on their order status page for them to use in the next purchase.