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Originally Published July 12, 2021.

How best to add an image slider to products in Shopify

It’s important to think about how you present photos on a product page. It must be quick to use, social, and mobile-friendly. Before reviewing the product summary, the guests will concentrate on the pictures. With this application, you can make your pictures look more impressive by adding an image slider to your products.

There is really this app that does all of these, Product Image Gallery & Zoom.

What is the mechanism behind it? – CAROUSEL, SLIDER, AND GALLERY

Based on your selection, the application replaces the current image segment on a product page with one of the following image slider options:

Photo Slider – Wide image with arrows (previous/next)

Photo Gallery – Thumbnails are shown under the big picture

Image carousel – Photos spin in a 3D circle

Rather than displaying all of the product photos, the product page will load and view only the images of the version that your customer has chosen. Variant objects can be modified in the app panel’s “Manage Variant Images” section.

There is no need to code. To see it in effect, just download the app and visit some of your production sites. The options that can be configured are mentioned below.

Resize Images’ Section

You can resize the images section or even make it use the whole width of your website. Simply open the app and go to the “Configuration” section. Scroll down to the “Resize image section by” option. Its value is set to “0” by default, indicating that it is programmed to use the default size. By changing the percentage value, you can increase or decrease the scale.

User-Friendly Gallery

Both types of phones and tablets are compliant with interactive photos. Allow consumers to view picture galleries using a touch screen.

Animated Effects

The application offers elegant animation transitions when modifying images. The professional look and appearance lead to an improved customer interface and enhanced customer confidence.

HD Images

The app improves the photographs that your users see in order to include high-quality content while still reducing processing time.

Display photos unique to each variant

This app lets you allocate different images to a product variant and show/hide related images on the product page depending on which variant you pick. Multiple product alternatives may be used to select image versions.

Auto-rotate Images

If you allow the “autorotate” function, images will rotate after 3 seconds (configurable).