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A round-up of the 9 best subscription apps for Shopify

9 best subscription apps shopify

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A round-up of the 9 best subscription apps for Shopify

Subscription apps are a great way to increase your customer lifetime value, as they increase your number of repeat purchases. The majority of businesses can actually have a subscription based product; you just have to find your niche.

What are subscriptions?

Subscription apps are great, as automatic and recurring payments can be setup to create automatic purchases on a regular basis. This is such a good business model, as it reduces one-time purchases, increases your customer retention and makes it easier for your customers to buy and keep buying products they love. These all go towards generating more revenue for your online store.

The benefits of using subscription apps

The main benefit of using subscription apps is recurring revenue. Recurring revenue is a byproduct of subscriptions. It allows you to sell products that customers need on a recurring basis. They checkout once and continue to pay and receive products from your store on a recurring basis, usually every month. You can offer your customers different frequencies and even let them set their own.

Customers can easily manage their active subscriptions, change their shipping options, change when they receive their orders and also cancel it.

9 of the best subscription apps for Shopify

We’ve curated a list containing 9 of the best subscriptions apps for Shopify. Find your favourite below and give it a go.


recharge subscription

Recharge Subscriptions allows merchants to manage subscription businesses with their powerful merchant portal. Enable your customers to fully manage their subscription plans directly from your store. You can easily connect with Shopify Payments and use the powerful API to scale your subscription store. Recharge Subscriptions can also integrate with top commerce tools such as Klaviyo and more.

Grow your average order value through upsells, for example, one-time products. Enable notifications to keep your customers in the loop. Allows your customers to adjust their deliveries or swap products.

Bold Subscriptions

bold subscription

Bold Subscriptions offers the flexibility to rapidly create subscriptions. Grow your recurring revenue and customer loyalty with a subscription-based business.

Already integrated with Shopify Checkout, Bold Subscriptions helps you launch your business quickly and efficiently. Add subscribe & save options to either one product, a particular collection or your entire store. It’s up to you.

Use their powerful APIs, tools and webhooks to customize your subscription business.

Loop Subscriptions

loop subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions lets you convert one-time customers into recurring customers. Your subscription based customers can customize their subscription plans, any offers your store has and billing options. They can easily manage their subscriptions by pausing, skipping or rescheduling any upcoming deliveries, as well as changing any future billing dates.

Let those one-time purchasers become subscribers with native Shopify integrated checkout. This allows for one-time purchases, as well as multiple subscriptions which are both possible in single checkout, reducing any drop off or abandoned carts.

Loop Subscriptions lets you as a merchant notify your customers about upcoming payment reminders, any failed payments that might of happened or skipped orders.

Seal Subscriptions

seal subscription

Seal Subscriptions has many pros when you are about to choose the best subscription app for Shopify. Your customers are charged for their recurring orders automatically and the orders will appear in your Shopify admin so you can see how many you have active.

If your customers subscribe in recurring invoices mode, they will be notified by email when their next payment is and send a link where they are pay for the recurring order.

Customers love a discount or offer, and Seal Subscriptions lets you discount products to reward your customers for having a subscription with your online store. Customers can add and remove products directly from their subscription and reschedule billing.

Appstle Subscriptions

appstle subscription app

Appstle Subscriptions is a unique and flexible management tool that lets you manage subscriptions on your Shopify store. Subscription apps are a fantastic method to boost revenue. You can create segment based plans, regular billing and targeted upselling of other products in your store.

You want to simplify your customers’ journeys. Make it super easy for them to select a subscription and select their options, as well as inputting their personal details. Set rules that will update discounts and offers and give your customers loyalty rewards.

Appstle Subscriptions allows your to create custom shipping options. Create and manage numerous shipping profiles for subscription plans based on key variables such as order value or weight, for example.

Native Subscriptions

native subscription app

Native Subscriptions allows customers to purchase a product one time and then subscribe for recurring orders. Email notifications can automatically be sent to your customers based on their subscriptions.

It’s a smart way to create great subscriptions and recurring billing options on your Shopify store, increasing your monthly revenue. Native Subscriptions is a complete subscription app, which integrates with Shopify’s Native Checkout using the latest API.

Native Subscriptions allows you to add a subscription widget next to your Add to cart button. This makes it easy for your customers to see that subscriptions are available for your store. Customers can skip, pause or cancel their subscription at any time from their own customer portal.

Skio Subscriptions

skio subscription app

Skio Subscriptions works with native Shopify Checkout. There is no need for an external URL during checkout. Skio makes it super easy to manage and change customer subscriptions. You can offer friends or group discounts for those that are subscribing.

The subscription portal is hosted, which means new features do not need theme development for your own store. You can get updates directly and quicker. Customers can change their subscriptions and edits take seconds with its instant loading.

Awtomatic Subscriptions

awtomatic subscription app

Awtomatic Subscriptions empowers Shopify merchants to easily add subscription options to your products and is fully integrated with Shopify’s native checkout. As a merchant, you can convert more users to subscription with many of the available advanced features such as discounts and offers. Get a higher life time value by delivering a great customer experience.

Use bundles and shuffle features to enhance and increase your sales. Engage your consumers with great add-ons and upsell offers to increase your revenue. Gives your customers a premium subscription service. Create multiple shipping profiles and make it easy for customers to select their favourite.

Upscribe Subscriptions

upscribe subscription

Upscribe Subscriptions allows you to drive stronger customer relationships, increase your recurring revenue and help you grow. Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular over time, and Upscribe will help you to launch, scale and grow your subscription offering on your Shopify store.

Upscribe offers a fully customizable customer portal that is super fast and data-secure. It is mobile optimized, which is fantastic for your consumers, as the majority now use their mobile devices to make online purchases.

Give your subscribers the power with the ability to change their next delivery, swap or remove products, change their shipping method or pause their subscription. The advanced analytics feature can help you to understand your main subscription metrics, such as churn and lifetime value (LTV) and which products are your best performing ones.


The list above shows 9 of the best subscription apps for Shopify. Each has it’s own features and methods of creating the best subscription app. Your choice will depend on your store, the products you sell and the type of subscription service you are after that best fits in with your business needs.

If you’re keen to create a subscription service, look at ways in which you can generate consistent income with recurring billing. Regular recurring income, such as subscriptions, means you have a steady cash flow and a certain amount of revenue generated each month.

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