Can you easily use multiple drop shipping apps on your Shopify store?

Can you easily use multiple drop shipping apps on your Shopify store?

Can you easily use multiple drop shipping apps on your Shopify store?

Increasing your sales in your Shopify store is key to succeeding. Using multiple drop shipping apps on your Shopify store allows you to easily cater to people with different geographical locations. You can easily expand your inventory too. But does Shopify allow the use of multiple drop shipping apps?

Some store owners are concerned that multiple apps might create a conflict. However, Shopify has full support for multiple drop shipping apps. 

How to use multiple drop shipping apps on Shopify

Shopify supports multiple suppliers or drop shippers. You can find this information on the product page. On this page, you’ll find a section under Inventory, where you can choose the tracking for the inventory. 

Make sure that you’ve set up the correct information in this section. Basically, you have to specify which product is from which supplier. If a drop shipping company has set it up, you’ll also see an SKU number here. 

Do not ever remove this number, as it will disconnect the item from the drop shipper, and any orders placed by the customers will not go through. 

As for shipping, you should include the delivery rates in the product price. This way, you can ensure that the shipping costs for each item are covered, irrespective of the supplier. 

Is there a conflict between the apps?

Typically, there’s no conflict between different drop shipping apps, and you can use them simultaneously.

Some apps, such as Wholesale2b App, have unique SKU numbers with their internal supplier IDs. 

multiple drop shipping apps

This way, they avoid conflict with any other drop shipping apps that you might be using in your store.

Likewise, Spocket is a drop shipping app that works perfectly with other drop shippers in your Shopify store. 

multiple drop shipping apps

If you’re uncertain about the compatibility of the drop shipping apps you’re using, get in touch with the developers and ask them if there’s any room for conflict. 

If you’re looking to improve your drop shipping, take a look at apps every drop shipping store needs.

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