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Upselling on your Shopify Store with SellUp

SellUp - Shopify Upsell App
SellUp Shopify Upsell App

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

Upselling is a crucial activity all Shopify store owners should be doing.

We will go through how to upsell on your Shopify store in this quick guide.

What is upselling?

Upselling is offering products that relate to the products a customer is looking at. Once a customer hits that buy box, you want to harness techniques that increase their cart value. If you have 100 visitors to your store, then on average, only 3-5 of those will buy from you. If you can upsell to 2 of those, your average order value will increase and you will have taken more in revenue than you otherwise wouldn’t have if you weren’t upselling.

How can I upsell best?

The key to a successful upsell is to prominently offer products that have relationships. For example, if we had a product listing for Golf Balls, it would be powerful to offer Golf tee’s right next to it. Here, take a look:


This is a great example of having a product complimented by another product which won’t distract the customer from the core listing. Its also crucial that the customer can click “Add this” and won’t be navigated away from the original listing.


Its a traditional upsell app in the sense of its goal, to achieve a higher AOV for store owners but it does it right next to the buy box. This allows for some nice impulsive upsells to be setup on a product or collection basis drilled down to the variation. We have taken this route as the less clicks the better. Also, it leverages Call to Actions in order to incentivise the upsell. Instead of just “Pack of 30 Golf Tees”, the upsell offer says “Add some golf tees?”. This is inviting the customer to make an action and if they need golf tees, they will think “why not” and hit the add this button. Powerful.


How Can I upsell on Shopify?

Shopify doesn’t offer this functionality out of the box. Yep you’ve guessed it, you’ll need an app. There are several apps available that offer similar functionality but the one we have featured is Shopify Upsell App. SellUp allows you to offer these upsells directly under the add to cart, it doesn’t navigate the user away from the page and its extremely well priced in comparison to other Shopify apps. SellUp is FREE for the basic plan. The Pro Plan is just $14.99 for unlimited upsells with other apps ranging from $20-$80 per month.

You view SellUp here on the Shopify App store.


SellUp Shopify Upsell App

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