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The 5 BEST page builder apps for Shopify in 2022

The 5 best page builder apps 2022

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The 5 BEST page builder apps for Shopify in 2022

Page builder apps are a great way to improve your Shopify store’s look and design. The best thing about these apps is that you can create and edit pages without changing any code. Although Shopify creates a quick and simple way to make an online ecommerce store, the themes can be limited. Page builder apps allow you to produce a unique and highly-converting store. We wanted to create a list of the best page builder apps for Shopify in 2022.

What is a page builder app?

A page builder app is a third party tool that connects to your Shopify store. They let you design new web pages and provide many more features than Shopify’s default page builder. You can design in-depth web pages by dragging and dropping elements into a template. Adding headings, text, images and buttons is easy and can be arranged however you like.

Why do I need a page builder app?

Although Shopify is a great platform for setting up an ecommerce store, the themes it provides are not as flexible as other ecommerce platforms. These apps let you use Shopify for the easy use of the platform without having to use its limited design tools.

Super easy to use

Most page builder apps use a ‘drag and drop’ technique for users to create their web pages. This method allows you to take an element from the app’s library and simply drop it into place on the page you’ve created.

You can alter the margins and paddings to ensure the page looks good across all device sizes. Easily insert text, images and buttons to create a fully functioning web page.

Highly customizable

The best page builder apps will have the largest library of elements to use. The great thing about this is that you can customize each element to fit in with your design store or to create something super amazing and customer friendly.

Increase your conversion rate

To increase your store’s conversion rate, you’ll need to build trust on your store. With a well designed website, consumers are more likely to check out on your store. They feel safe checking out on a store that looks and feels professional.

Decrease your bounce rate

The key is to obtain a low bounce rate for your Shopify store. With a better user experience, you’re more likely to experience a lower bounce rate. This will help increase your ranking on Google. Page builder apps can help produce a lower bounce rate for your store.

The most important features of a page builder app

Firstly, you want a page builder app to be easy to use. It must have a large range of elements to use, which in turn lets you produce a beautifully designed web page. After looking at several page builders, we believe the most important features are:

  • Drag and drop elements
  • Large library of elements to use
  • Be compatible with other apps
  • Be able to edit code if needed
  • SEO optimization
  • Compression of images

5 of the best page builder apps for Shopify

We’ve created a list of the 12 best page builder apps. We’ve taken into account each app’s reviews, its features and store rating.

Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder app

The Shogun Page Builder app lets you create stunning and fast-loading Shopify stores. It is easy to use for beginners but also powerful enough for development teams. You can design your homepage, product pages, sales funnels, landing pages, promotional pages and many more.

It has a large drag and drop elements library that provides structure for paragraphs, headings, sections and tabs. It has elements available to increasing conversions including countdown timers, custom forms, sales and discount tags and add to cart buttons.

GemPages Powerful Page Builder

GemPages page builder app

The GemPages Powerful Page Builder app is an all-in-one page builder that will bring your Shopify store up to a new design level. It includes a drop and drag editor, unlimited pages, responsive web design for all devices and has an easy to use product page builder.

Other features include sales booster elements such as countdowns, stock levels, pop-ups, bundles and social proofing. You can keep track of your page performance with A/B testing and Google Analytics.

Automizely Page Builder

Automizely page builder app

The Automizely Page Builder app lets you create stunning landing pages from scratch. It helps online retailers convert website traffic into sales due to its fast loading speeds. It also lets you create a simple user experience and interface with mobile responsiveness.

There is an easy to use page editor that lets you create beautifully designed templates to customize your pages. Drag and drop elements of content anywhere on your pages to create your desired look.

Zipify Pages Builder & Editor

Zipify page builder app

The Zipify Pages Builder & Editor app lets you customize any page type including your home page, blog, landing and product pages, cross-sells, and collections. The intuitive page builder makes it quick and easy to setup pages efficiently.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Pagefly page builder app

The PageFly Landing Page Builder app offers flexible month-to-month pricing plans. You can create as many pages as you like and choose the best ones to publish. You only pay for publishable slots, which are either pages or sections.

If you want to create a page quickly, you can choose from pre-made sections and templates. Easily edit elements to make them fit in with your store’s design.  There is also the option to edit code if necessary.

To conclude

We know it can be daunting when choosing the best page builder app for your Shopify store. We hope that from the information above, you can find the right one for your store.

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