How to setup an affiliate program that works

What is an affiliate program? Affiliate marketing is a promotional model that connects merchants with independent marketers who are willing to invest time and money to sell a merchant’s products. Why should I use affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is performance based. Thus advertisers only pay when affiliates deliver a specified customer action. In the ecommerce […]

How to get paid qualified traffic to your store with Google PLA Ads

What? Send targeted traffic to your store’s products with Google Ads, specifically product listing ads. Product listing ads or “PLA” are visual based ads that serve on the Google Shopping Platform and across partners. Potential customers will see pictures of the products, not text ads. Why? Shopping Ad Traffic is pre-qualified traffic meaning these are […]

How to setup Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Tag

Setup Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Tag

How to setup Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Tag for your Shopify Store What is a remarketing tag? Dynamic remarketing is a powerful tool in your retargeting toolbox. This tag not only serves ads to users who have previously visited your site, but goes a step further to show ads for the specific products they’ve viewed. Why […]

How to put your Facebook Ad Retargeting on AutoPilot

Put your Facebook Ad Retargeting on AutoPilot for your Shopify store What is retargeting  Facebook Ad Retargeting will show ads to previous visitors who didn’t convert allowing you a chance to convert again. Why should I retarget for my Shopify store? The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10 times higher than the CTR […]

Using Overlays for Facebook Ads for your Shopify store

How to use facebook Ad overlays when advertising your Shopify Store’s products. What are facebook ad overlays? Overlays are templates or frames for your product ads. You can add great eye catching overlays to your Facebook Product Ads so your ads stand out on facebook. How can I add Overlays to my facebook ads? Right now, […]

Enhance your Shopify checkout with this quick Autocompletion tip

Address Autocompletion on my Shopify store

What is the tip? Make sure you have address autocomplete enabled for Address. It is a feature built into Shopify. Why should I enable Address Autocompletion? If customers can enter their address quickly and efficiently, they are less likely to drop-off during checkout. Form length and amount of details required can contribute to abandoned checkouts. […]

Using video to turbo charge your orders on your Shopify store

Using video to turbo charge your sales

The power of video and how to utilise it within your Shopify store. What is the method? Adding product or promotional videos to your product pages in order to bolster your stores offering and appearance. Why is video so important? Video can increase sales by up to 81% when implemented efficiently. That stat alone should […]

How to have a high converting cart page on your Shopify Store

How to have a high converting cart page.

How to ensure your Shopify store has a high converting cart page. What is a high converting cart page? A high converting cart page shouldn’t distract from the customer journey. Its a page where customers land prior to checking out. Whilst some stores have done away with this, there is still an argument that having […]

Increase authority leveraging your brands products on your Shopify store

Increase authority leveraging your brands products

If you are a new Shopify store or you have low traffic, you may need to build your brand and it’s authority What is leveraging your products for authority?  Using your products brands to add authority to your site. Why? If you run a store which stocks third party brands then adding their logos to your […]

The importance of large product Images on Shopify product pages

Large Product Images

Large Product images are key to showing off the very thing you are trying to get your customer to purchase. What? High quality images of your product. Why? A picture is worth a 1000 words. The better quality that picture is of your product, the more it will speak to your customers. A poor generic […]

Reducing the “left digit” by one – Shopify Product Pricing

Reduce the "left digit" by one

Reduce the “left digit” by one to create a sense of a cheaper value proposition to the customer What? This is making the price smaller by one point. Why? This is known as charm pricing and simply works. How does reducing the left digit by one increase sales? For example, a price of $10.00 becomes […]

The Importance of the size of the Price on the Product Page

The size of the Price on the Product Page

What? Check the size of the Price on the Shopify product page compared to other elements. Why? Customers perceive your price to be smaller if you display your price in a smaller font size. It’s a mind based theory using psychological tactics similar to colour theory. How do I change the size of the price […]

Best Shopify countdown timer

One of the best methods for increasing your Shopify conversion rate is urgency from a countdown timer. Countdown timers have risen in popularity. In 2018. Shopify cracked down on “false” countdowns which mislead consumers. Merchants saw a wave of apps removed from the App Store. The largest example of a legitimate countdown that most reading […]