A list of Facebook Ad Term Abbreviations

With the growth of Facebook Ads, the platform and Agencies, there are now a sleuth of abbreviations out there. Some of the terms are directly related to advertising, some are related to the platform, some are born from “the pixel” and some are veteran industry standards. Here is an overview of the terms we have […]

How to put your Facebook Ad Retargeting on AutoPilot

Put your Facebook Ad Retargeting on AutoPilot for your Shopify store What is retargeting  Facebook Ad Retargeting will show ads to previous visitors who didn’t convert allowing you a chance to convert again. Why should I retarget for my Shopify store? The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10 times higher than the CTR […]

Using Overlays for Facebook Ads for your Shopify store

How to use facebook Ad overlays when advertising your Shopify Store’s products. What are facebook ad overlays? Overlays are templates or frames for your product ads. You can add great eye catching overlays to your Facebook Product Ads so your ads stand out on facebook. How can I add Overlays to my facebook ads? Right now, […]