5 Powerful Customer Retention Strategies for your Shopify store

customer retention

You’ll probably trying to remember the last time you re-engaged with your customers to get them back to purchase again. If you’re struggling, now is the time to start creating a new customer retention strategy. Customer retention is extremely important and is an underrated growth tactic that numerous businesses fail to grasp. It’s mad to […]

How to setup and use Privy on your Shopify store in 2022

What is Privy and how do I set it up? Privy is a Shopify app that helps merchants with Email Marketing, Exit Popups, Free Shipping Bar, Abandoned Carts, Spinwheels and other forms of lead generation. Privy can then help you connect these leads you have collected (Potential customers) to your email marketing platform such as […]

4 Best Referral and Loyalty Shopify Apps

loyalty Shopify app

4 Best Referral and Loyalty Shopify Apps If you’re looking to add revenue to your Shopify store and increase your sales, referral and loyalty apps are a great way to do this. We look at the four best referral and loyalty Shopify apps below to help you decide, which one is best suited for your […]

What to consider when launching and running an online Shopify store

Here’s what to consider when launching and running an online store with Shopify If you’re looking at starting up your own Shopify store, there are some things to consider that’ll help you make the right choices along the way. If you are looking for a Step-by-Step guide on how to setup a store from scratch […]