How to Solve Domain Email Problems with A, CNAME and MX Configurations

How to Solve Domain Email Problems with A, CNAME and MX Configurations

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How to solve domain email problems with A, CNAME and MX configurations

When you change the CNAME of a domain to yourshopname.myshopify.com, you may experience domain email problems. Here’s a simple way to solve this issue. 

How to solve domain email problems 

Before you do this, you should remember the changes you have made so that you can revert to the original settings if required. 

For Cpanel and similar web hosts:

Follow the given steps to solve this problem: 

  • Go to Cpanel and then click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor 
  • If you believe that you previously edited the settings for Zone File Records wrong, you can Reset Zone Files to get a clean slate. If you do not have any concerns about the settings, you can skip this step 
  • Now, look at the Zone File Records 
  • If the mail.yourdomain.com has CNAME type, click on Edit and change it to
  • Then, change the Record with the IP address: cpanel.yourdomain.com 
  • Change the yourdomain.com IP address to
  • Click on Home and then MX Entry. If you’re unable to find it, type it in the Find bar 
  • If you see the yourdomain.com in MX Records, replace it with mail.yourdomain.come. Keep the priority O 
  • The email route must be Automatically Detect Configuration 
  • You can test if the email is working by sending an email from an alternative email to it 

After this, simply follow the steps in the Shopify tutorial for redirecting yourshop.myshopify.com to your primary domain’s name. 

If your domain is already connected to Shopify, you can skip the initial steps and start by changing the CNAME of mail.yourdomain.com to A. After that, change the yourdomain.com in the MX Records to mail.yourdomain.com and keep its priority 0. 

Following these steps will help solve the email problems you’re facing.

If you are not on Cpanel, a similar webhost or are not confident with these settings, you can see the services of a Shopify Expert, a developer on Upwork or a gig on Fiverr.


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