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The LaunchTip service offers task based support for Shopify stores. For example, if you are a Shopify store owner and need a small HTML/CSS change in your store, the LaunchTip service can carry out this work for you.

There are too many Shopify Tasks to list that we can cater to but we have listed some of the more common examples of the tasks we carry out:

  • Small graphic and image edits
  • Tracking Script Installations
  • Design and style based CSS changes
  • Quick Shopify app Installations & configurations
  • Example Product Uploading
  • Theme layout fixes, tweaks and configurations
  • Simple HTML and JavaScript changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • How To’s
  • Troubleshooting Questions & Advice
  • Store Optimisation
  • Customer Journey Troubleshooting

The above is just a snapshot of what we can do. We base a small task on a single job which one of our Experts can complete within 1 hour.

We confirm all tasks before we carry out work. If the submitted task is too large to be a small task, we will contact you with next steps.

We don’t like to say “no” when someone is in need of support. If you want advice on a task before you place an order, simply get in touch.

About LaunchTip

LaunchTip was born out of a necesity to extended functionality on the Shopify platform. Built by merchants for merchants.

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