How To Efficiently Skip The Shipping Method When Checking Out

How To Efficiently Skip The Shipping Method When Checking Out

How to efficiently skip the shipping method when checking out

Typically, all platforms have the option for customers to select the shipping method. However, what if you only offer one shipping method and the details are already mentioned on the product description page?

In this scenario, choosing the shipping method will just be an additional step for the customers while checking out. Besides, it’s likely that the customer might give up the idea of making the purchase when going through multiple steps. 

Can you skip this step for your customers in Shopify? Let’s explore. 

Can You Skip Shipping Methods on Shopify?

At the moment, you cannot skip a page in your checkout process using Shopify. It’s only possible for products that you’re not shipping out. 

Shopify says that there’s a higher likelihood of conversion if the checkout process is split into three steps. That’s why they don’t currently have a method for removing the ‘select shipping method’ page for shops that offer free shipping. 

Skip Shipping Methods With An App


If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks on adding convenience for your customers, you can use an app to remove the shipping methods page. 

Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart integrates with Shopify to let you skip the shipping method page. With a single-page checkout, your customers will have a lesser chance of second-guessing themselves and a higher likelihood of going ahead with the purchase. 

Since the app works according to Shopify practices, you won’t need to alter your theme code for it to work perfectly. Moreover, you can add the cart button to your product page so that it follows the customers around while they’re scrolling. 

You can also choose a unique text for your Add to Cart button. In addition, the button can be customized (size, color, and style) according to your store’s theme. Plus, your customers can see their cart on the product page without leaving it.


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