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Shopify Tactics for Merchants During COVID-19

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

What can merchants do during the 2019/2020 Corona Virus pandemic?

The Corona Virus has swept across the planet in the past few months causing brick-and-mortar stores to close. As result, online sales have thrived. Whether you are a physical store owner or an existing merchant, here are some tips on how to take advantage of the current lockdown.

1) No online store? Start one.

This is one is for all the physical POS merchants of Shopify who don’t yet have an online store, start one. You may think that one would be a hinderance or you may not see the necessity of it. Having an online store will allow you to transact without being their in person. This is crucially important at times when social distant measures are being enforced. It is also just handy to have a “sales assistant” that can take orders, handle payments and manage orders. Even if you only transact with customers locally, having an online store allows for easier ordering, browsing and self serving.

2) Communicate in these difficult times.

It is important to keep customers in the know. If you leave it up to them to second guess whether you are open for business, what delivery/lead times are, if there are changes to ordering and so on, it will deter them. Be clear and transparent. Let customers know that times may be longer than usual. It is better to be honest and to handle expectations than to disappoint. Customers are usually understanding and thankful for this.

3) Spring clean.

All those little tasks that you have been putting off? Now is the time to tackle them. Go through your store and remove those discontinued products, update those descriptions, improve those images, create those new collections, check out that new app you have listed and so on. Once we are back to business as usual, there will be a lot more distractions than now so get it done today!

4) Social Media.

What do people do when they are bored and can’t go out much? They scroll through social media. Now is the time to run some of those ads you have been wanting to try. If you don’t have the budget, just post some content with hashtags and interact with similar posts to your target audience. You never know who might see it online and end up browsing your store.

5) Stay fit.

Don’t overlook your health and fitness during these times. Its important to to be strong and healthy incase you do end up contracting the virus. If you let your fitness take a hit, you can find yourself lethargic and demotivated as well. Even from home, working out is easier than ever with a plethora of Apps. Check out this free one from GymDecks.

6) Give a discount

Showing support at times like these is a great way to positively enforce your brand whilst helping others. Giving key workers a discount for their help during these times is a great incentive. Even if you break even or make a small loss on each discount, you will be helping people who need it and supporting the economy. In return, you will most likely get word of mouth, brand recognition, praise and even some media/backlinks. This could prove profitable further down the line.


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