What Shopify Free Trials are available?

What Shopify Free Trials are available?

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Want to know the best Shopify free trial to get your Store up and running? You have come to the right place.

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What Shopify Free Trials exist?

This is something that changes over time. Depending on promotional activities, support schemes and general acquisition strategies, the trials available at any one time are not always available. Shopify trials have come in the following formats:


14 Day Shopify Free Trial

The standard Shopify trial which is the most widely used is the 14 Day Free Trial. This gives you a 14 Day window to essentially get your store setup without any upfront cost to a certain extent.

You can select a theme, install apps and get everything checked and tested. You can’t sell anything until you pop the store onto a paid plan.

If after 14 Days you haven’t put your store onto a paid plan then Shopify will present you with a prompt to do so. If you don’t activate your store, you will incur no charge but you also won’t be able to sell anything and become a merchant!

If you are looking for a quick start guide on starting your own store and want to give yourself the best chance of success then check out our startup guide here.


30 Day Shopify Free Trial

The 30 Day Free Trial was offered previously by Shopify. Currently it is not active directly.

45 Day Shopify Free Trial

Similar to the 30 Day trial, this previously existed somewhere around 2017/2018 but has not since resurfaced.

60 Day Shopify Free Trial

The 60 Day trial was previously offered in conjunction with other partners such as Quickbooks.

90 Day Shopify Free Trial

A 90 Day free trial surfaced in summer 2020. This was in response to the Covid pandemic. There was also an extension which was part of the “Go Digital Canada” campaign along with the Canadian Government.

Development Stores

If you are unsure of how to setup a Shopify store, have checked our guide and other available resources or would just prefer a well thought out approach with the support of someone who knows the ins and outs of Shopify, then consider seeking a Shopify Expert. One of the instant benefits is they will work with you to get your store setup professionally. With a development store, there are no trial periods and you only pay for the Shopify plan once you flip the switch and go live.

You will of course need to pay for the development of the store with your Shopify Expert but this can be agreed up front.

Extending Trials

From time to time, Shopify Trials can be extending if you have a valid reason or cause to extend. Bear in mind that your store is still not live transactionally for real orders until your store is on a paid plan.


Can I get Shopify discounted or for free?

Other than the free trial, Shopify is a monthly subscription. Depending on which subscription you select determines how much you pay. You can get Shopify at a discount if you pay upfront for a pre determined period. This is usually available in a 1 Year period, 2 year period and 3 year period. To view your annual options, login to your Shopify Admin and head over to Billing.

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