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Selling products on Shopify using the Amazon sales channel

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How to sell products on Shopify using the Amazon sales channel

The Amazon sales channel enables you to produce and manage listings in order to sell your products on Amazon. To set this up, you’ll either need to download the Amazon sales channel app from the Shopify App store, or activate it directly from your Shopify admin.


Selling on Amazon

To sell on Amazon, you’ll need to set up an Amazon Seller account. When the Amazon sales channel has been activated or downloaded, your Shopify products will notbe automatically transferred and listed on Amazon. There are three options to get your products listed on Amazon.


  1. Link your Shopify store to your existing Amazon listings

You can use this method if you are already listing the same products on Shopify and Amazon. You just need to link Shopify to your existing Amazon listings.

  1. Create an offer for a product that you sell that is already on Amazon

This method is used when you are selling a product on your Shopify store that is the same as a product already listed on Amazon but you’re not yet selling it on Amazon. You can then create an offer for that product.

  1. Create a new listing for a product that is new to Amazon

You’ll use this when you want to sell a unique product that isn’t yet listed on Amazon. You’ll need to create a new listing in the Amazon sales channel, which in turn produces an offer to sell your product.


After you’ve listed a product to sell on Amazon, it will need to be submitted to and approved by Amazon. In general, most successful listings are accepted within a few hours, and will then show on the Amazon marketplace. If you need to make any changes, you can manage your product listings through the Amazon sales channel in your Shopify admin.


Are there requirements to using the Amazon sales channel?

Yes. To use the Amazon sales channel, you’ll need to have a Professional Seller account on Amazon Seller Central and you must be selling on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. Please note that Amazon do charge a monthly fee and subscription for selling on their platform.

You must sell in USD for Amazon.com or CAD for Amazon.ca. You will only be able to use the Amazon sales channel with the region that matches your Shopify store’s currency. If you don’t meet this requirement, you’ll have to convert your store’s currency to USD or CAD for the Amazon sales channel to work.


Your store’s return policy must be perfect or even better than Amazon’s own return policy. You must also be on an active Shopify plan.


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