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6+ Services you can sell using Shopify and how [Quick guide]

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How to easily sell services through the Shopify platform

Shopify lets you sell both products and services in your store.

If you are selling one off services. You can simply use the existing product functionality. Shopify allows you to state whether a product needs shipping to not so if its a digital service or a service where you require no physical address, this is a great option. If you require a Shipping address for your service e.g you need to perform services at a physical address, you should setup a shipping method. You can choose to charge for this or keep it free as part of your original pricing.

If you have a radius, you will need an app to limit address selection or you can simply communicate this on your store.

Should you wish to sell recurring services that require a subscription, you will need a subscription app like Recharge or Bold subscriptions.

Depending on the kind of service you’re selling, you can choose a relevant app to bring the functionality into your store.

These services could include but not limited to:

  • Tutorials/Tuition
  • Personal Training
  • Webinars
  • Real Estate
  • Beauty/Salon
  • Meal Plans/Recipes

Here are some ways to sell services through Shopify. 

Selling services on Shopify

For example, if you’re selling talks or conferences, you can use a booking app. Here are some options. 


Book That App Services

BookThatApp allows your customers to book online. You can offer them rentals, tours, appointments, tickets, classes, and much more. Since the customers do everything in your store, they don’t have to go through a third-party platform. 

The app also has a mobile-responsive design, allowing your customers to book anything through their phones. 

Plus, you can send them reminders based on their past bookings and interests. 

Online Events & Appointments

Online Events Services

This app lets you communicate face to face with your customers through Zoom. You can create live classes, appointment booking, co-browsing, and tickets using this app. 

Moreover, there are event filters as per language, members, teams, and locations. Since there’s Zoom automation in the admin panel, there’s no need to log in to Zoom. 

Selling digital services 

You can also sell digital services in your store, and here’s a great app for this. 

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads Services

Since it’s created by Shopify, the app is free to use and has an easy user-interface. You can upload digital attachments to product variants, allowing your customers to buy digital services such as ebooks or PDF guides. 

Plus, you can choose for your customers to get direct downloads after checking out or receiving links in their email. You can also set the download limits if necessary. 


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