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Reducing the “left digit” by one – Shopify Product Pricing

Reducing the “left digit” by one – Shopify Product Pricing

Reduce the “left digit” by one to create a sense of a cheaper value proposition to the customer

What? This is making the price smaller by one point.

Why? This is known as charm pricing and simply works.

How does reducing the left digit by one increase sales?
For example, a price of $10.00 becomes $9.99 or a step further, $9.95.

Charm pricing is most effective when the left digit changes. A one-cent difference between $3.80 and $3.79 won’t matter. However, a one-cent difference between $3.00 and $2.99 will make a huge difference.

Why is the left digit so important? Because it anchors the perceived magnitude.

Our brains encode numbers so quickly (and beyond consciousness) that we encode the size of a number before we finish reading it.
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