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How To Easily Provide Store Credit For A Return On Your Shopify Store

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How to easily provide store credit for a return on your Shopify store

There is a way to allow store credits in your Order screen if you’re using Shopify POS for your company.

Issuing a store credit for online sales is really easy. Go to your store’s admin page and select Settings, then Payments. Click the order on which you want to offer a store credit on the Orders page. Then press Done after choosing Refund. Simply choose Store Credit if you want to issue this. Press Done, and then Next.

On Shopify, you can easily issue credit by using Gift Cards & Loyalty Program. It allows you to give consumers store credit while segmenting the reason for the analytics so you can keep closer track of your accounting.

With Gift Cards & Loyalty Program, Shopify’s first-ever proactive Store Credit & Loyalty Program, you’ll be able to use Gift Cards to raise sales and loyalty while also attracting new buyers.

Store credit

Automated rules and customized reviews are used to send store credit

To maximize loyalty, retention, and happiness, build as many guidelines as you want.

Store credit and bonus points can be used as convenient rewards and loyalty cards.

Affiliate and referral marketing — Reward consumers who recommend a friend by combining the partner and referral services.

Returns and Refunds – Gift Card Refunds and Retail Credit are available with returns.

Create electronic gift cards and gift vouchers in bulk depending on stimuli.

Bulk gift cards expand your marketing capabilities

  • Sending out bulk gift cards and running bulk coupon promotions
  • Offer Credit, Loyalty Points, and Incentives to promote sales (e.g. sell a $100 value credits for $85, etc.).
  • Reminder for Store Credit balance
  • Apple Pay, Shopify POS, Klaviyo, Yotpo and other applications are all supported
  • Store Credit can be used to handle refunds and improve customer experience
  • Recharge, Brazen Cashier, Out of The Sandbox, and referral applications are all compatible
  • Instant delivery is perfect for last-minute purchases and a countdown Wishlist

Help consumers rave about how convenient it is to apply and configure – all of the basics are included.

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