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An easy guide to set up multiple domains under one Shopify account in 2 methods

multiple domains

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An easy guide to set up multiple domains under one Shopify account in 2 methods

The online marketplace is the new face of the world when it comes to making big sales. Merchants are selling unique, improved, and diverse varieties of products on Shopify. And with this in mind, there is a question that presents itself often.

Can we open several stores, with multiple domains under one Shopify account? Merchants want to expand their inventory and sell more items. Therefore, if you want a workaround for this dilemma, take a looks at the information below to find out how.

What do we mean by having multiple domains under a single Shopify account?

Having multiple domains under a single parent Shopify account simply means opening several stores with the same Shopify account. Sellers are looking for this feature, as they believe it would make online store management very straightforward.

But can we actually open multiple stores/have various domains under the same account? Read on.

Is it practically possible?

Although Shopify does not offer the opportunity to have multiple domains for independent stores, it does offer a more practical alternative. You can open as many stores as you’d like with a single email address. However, you cannot have completely different domains. Instead, you can go about it this way:

  1. Open a store with the general domain of www.store.com
  2. Then open sub-stores, that lead to the same parent domain. For example, www.store.collection1.com and www.store.collection2.com

Having Shopify sub-stores not only makes running stores more manageable but it’s also recommended for SEO. However, if you’re not a fan of this alternative, there is another option.

Open a new store!

multiple domains

Opening a new store is perhaps the best solution. Thousands of merchants own multiple Shopify stores, and it helps them generate more revenue. Instead of being reluctant, you can either use the hack above or open a new store. Both methods will work, it just depends which route you’d like to take.

If you’re new to Shopify and would like some help with starting your first store, take a look at our Shopify store launch guide.

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