How to setup custom Product Recommendations

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Setting up Custom Product Recommendations with Crate Bundles

Product Recommendations show on your product pages. You may have seen them before on often labeled as “You may be interested in…” or “You may also like…”

With Crate Bundles, we give you granular control over which products you can show. Also, you can set these up Automatically using AI with Smart Product Recommendations.


Creating a custom Recommendation

Click “Manage” under Product Recommendations from the Dashboard

Next, click a “Create Recommendation”


Next, simply configure your recommendation by slicing the lead product. This is the Product Page that will display the recommendations. Finally, select the products to recommended. We suggest selecting at least 3 products.


Once done, hit “Save”. Your recommendation will now load on the frontend. If you can’t see it, check the global visibility settings under “Settings”. If you still can’t see it, you may need to insert the scripts into your Product.liquid template.


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