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How do I setup Movo?

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Setting up Movo is simple.

The App is split into to offer types, “Incentive Offer” & “Free Gift Offer”


Incentive Offers

Incentive offers consist of Discount Offers, Shipping Offers and Custom Offers.

This is very important: Movo does not create these offers, you must first set these offers up in your Shopify Admin under the discounts section.

Regarding “custom offers”, these are offers you create outside of Shopify. For example, if during halloween you are sending out sweets with every order in October for free, this would be a custom offer.


Free Gift Offers

Free Gift Offers allow you to set up offers where by you can offer free gifts when certain criteria is met.

This is very important: Movo does create these offers for you meaning you don’t have to create them elsewhere in your Shopify Admin.

Free Gift Offer creation is restricted to products and collections. This means you can only set up free gift offers like “Buy X from Chair Collection and get Y Free” or “Buy X Product and get Y Free”.



There are 2 types of settings in Movo: Offer & Global.

Offer Settings: Each offer you create in Movo comes with various settings which are visible and manageable when setting up each offer.

Global Settings: Movo has a page for global settings. These control the appearance of Movo and various other settings.

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