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Action Upsell – What is it?

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What are “Action Upsells”?

Action Upsells are similar to “On-Page Upsells” but are triggered by the customer.

On-Page Upsells always appear on the product page when loaded.

Action Upsells on the other hand appear when the customer has clicked the product’s “Add to cart” button, thus triggering a popup to show with the incredible upsell offer you have created.


How do I create an Action Upsell?

Simply click “Manage Action Upsells” from the dashboard and set them up the same way as you would an On Page Upsell. With Action Upsells, the variants are always shown for the product offered to maximise offering.

To see how you create upsells, check out this article here.


Important note: If your theme redirects after a user adds a product to cart, you must check the redirect checkbox under SellUp settings.

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