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We have a very simple ethos at LAUNCHTIP. We are successful when you are successful. This is defined by merchants just like you using our Apps to improve their Stores, increase revenue and streamlining store operations. Join us today by using our Apps to unlock more value from your store.

Upselling with SellUp

SellUp is a powerful upsell app which helps you maximise each product page with additional selling opportunities. This allows the app to position itself in the highest converting aspect of the page with suitable upsells the merchant desires to offer. Upselling can instantly increase your stores revenue. An order with 3 products in it is better than an order with 1 product in it right? Upselling can boost your Average Order Value so you could take your monthly revenue and add another 30% by upselling alone.

Creating urgency with Delivery Timer

Delivery Timer is an informative & urgency based app. It allows Shopify stores to display an Amazon style countdown for the buyer. The second aspect allows for the merchant to also display an estimated shipping date. Use either or both to inform the customers of when their order may ship and an estimation on how long it will take. This saves the customer from leaving your product page to seek this information elsewhere on the store and reduces the risk of no purchase.

Discounts & Offers with Movo

Movo allows you to showcase your stores discount codes, offers and promotions to your traffic. This allows you to increase shopper engagement, reduce leaked traffic and increase conversions. A great addition to any store and crucial for Black Friday.

Cart Optimisation with Kartify

Kartify allows Shopify stores owners to beautify and extend their store’s cart page. Considered one of the most important pages in a store, the cart can be leverage to increase conversion as well add required elements from some merchants such as Terms.

Trustpilot + More with Lumo Reviews

Get your customers to review you on top review platforms such as Trustpilot, Yelp, Facebook and Google. Build up your external review presence to help sales, improve SEO and increase your store authority.

To Do, Task & Projects with NoteDesk

NoteDesk is the first to do, task and project management app for Shopify. Managing an online store has never been easier with Shopify and with NoteDesk installed, you can keep track of to do’s, tasks, notes and projects all in one centralized location.

Bundles with Crate
With Crate, you can create precision based Product Bundles for your Shopify store. By bundling items together that compliment each other, you can sell more. As simple as that.
Social Virality with Promio

Promio helps your store to grow by empowering your customers to market for you and become your customers. Any customer (first time or existing, your choice!) can unlock a discount in return for sharing your store to their social media audience.

Smart Navigation with Aero
Aero is floating widget you can add to your store to help your customers shop smarter. You can integrate multiple Chat applications, create links to products, collections and pages you want to promote.

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