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How to simply skip the cart and go straight to checkout

While it is technically possible to make the “add to cart” button direct you to the checkout, we don’t suggest it. Since buyers cannot review or upgrade their orders, the rate of abandoned checkouts, refunds, and confusion rises.

This problem was solved on the Debut theme, but it could work on other themes as well.

Find the following code in product-template.liquid:

<span id="AddToCartText-{{ }}">


Make a copy of the file and paste the following code under it:

<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/checkout/" />


Customers can still use the breadcrumbs on the Checkout page and the button on the website to return to the cart.

Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart app 

Skip to cart

Customers should use Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart app to get to the checkout page as quickly as possible by taking the route of least resistance. Every feature of the app is programmed to remove all unnecessary actions, allowing you to sell and convert more! It really has thousands of satisfied customers who have boosted their sales.

It comes with numerous options, so you get more return on investment and can do more with your store without having to install several applications. Many of the features have been built to work in whichever language the store needs.

When buyers press the Add to Cart tab, it takes them straight to the checkout page, resulting in more sales. It allows your consumers to follow the Add to Cart button across your product page so they don’t miss out on another chance to purchase your product. Choose the phrase that add-to-cart buttons can use to interact with your customers.

It retains your consumers’ interest by using one of many animations, ensuring that your buttons are never overlooked, allows consumers to purchase items directly from your catalog and range sites, then skip the checkout process. Allow customers to purchase up to four additional items, with or without a coupon, and then skip to checkout to take advantage of the extra sales.